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Trading Format

Discussion in 'Account Trading' started by Nina, Dec 15, 2017.

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  1. Nina

    Nina Perfectly Splendid Staff Member Moderator VIP Supporter Account Trade Moderator

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    Jul 8, 2016
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    CG Nina
    Please be polite to others forum members. Note all information you have before requesting or trading accounts. If you're new to the forum try to interact and post messages before requesting accounts. This forum is not intended to hunt accounts, selling is prohibited. It will increase your chance of finding people willing to trade or gift. You are not required to use the format, but it will certainly help.

    You are looking for an account with x unit(s):
    • What unit(s) are you looking for?

    • Why are you looking for x unit(s)?

    • Does it matter if its a fresh account?

    • Is your current account up for trade?
    Ask the following questions:
    • How far has the account progressed in story mode? Did it complete any trials?

    • Is the account linked to Facebook?

    Your account is up for trade or gifting:
    • Are you trading or gifting the account (if you're trading please note what units you desire in return) ?

    • What 5* units did the account obtain?

    • Are there any notable 4* or time exclusive units?

    • Is it a fresh account? Else, how far did the account progressed in story mode and what is its current rank?

    • Did the account complete any trials?

    • What notable trust materies did the account obtain?

    • Is there any Lapis and/or tickets left?

    • Is the account linked to Facebook?

    It doesn't help if you only put things like ''offer''. Offer for what? What are you looking for in return? Especially if you're new try to be more polite. If your post is something like ''need A2 account plz'' chances are slim you will succeed in finding one.

    Last edited: Mar 3, 2018
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