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News Tuesday News - September 14th - Maintenance, Campaigns, and What's Ending

Discussion in 'News & Events' started by Sartre, Sep 14, 2021 at 8:24 PM.

  1. Sartre

    Sartre Stay classy Staff Member Moderator VIP Supporter News Announcer

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    Jan 11, 2018
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    Esther...that is all...

    Begins: Wednesday, Sept 15th @ 21:00 PDT (Countdown in Your Timezone)

    Ends: Thursday, Sept 16th @ 04:00 PDT

    Always expect a 1-2 hr extended maintenance due to “unforeseen circumstances”

    Class of Cadets Login Bonus

    Starts at end of maintenance and ends Friday, September 24th @ 00:59 PDT

    Login Daily for the following bonus rewards:

    Bundle Updates

    Certain bundles in the shop will be revamped after maintenance. I don't buy any of these bundles so I can't speak to the value of these things. The smell like a trap, tho ::ink::

    Full Details:

    EX Ability Updates (OG Cloud and Red XIII)

    Yeah...so these are about 6 months too late ::ink::

    Frankly, these EX ability updates suck. Both units get a 500 static ATK boost and 100% chain cap increase, which isn't going to help these units do much of anything these days. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to see Red XIII get something but it's a far cry from making him useful again.

    To add a little insult to the injury, they've changed the normal attack to a BS chain move with a paltry 35x mod that increases by 5x each time up to 50x...woo hoo::sarcasm::)

    I see absolutely no use for such shite.

    Full Details:

    What’s Ending on This Weeks’ Maintenance?

    Vortex Quests

    Elemental Dummy Dungeons
    • If it ain't broke don't...wait...it's broke? Did they fix it? I don't even know anymore...
    Mater Caelestis Dungeons (Event & Daily Bonus Challenge)
    • Make sure you've cleared all 9 levels and acquired enough evt pts to get the materials needed for the beast/fairy killer if you missed this dungeon the first time around.
    • Only the Mater Caelestis dungeons end this week, the Authlsolthoflsugnasaug dungeons will run for another week.
    Town Exploration: Blackjack
    • Last chance to shoot craps with a Moogle...oh and I guess buy stuff?

    Chamber of Challenges (aka Red Quartz-ville)
    • Seriously, don’t forget to do these quests now that we have a lot more units to door with the new increase in all stats!

    Challenge of the Brave (Challenge Tab in the Vortex)

    All Insignia dungeons will remain open until further notice

    ***Important Notice About Challenge of the Brave Dungeons***
    • At some point, these dungeons will be closed forever.
    • You will still be able to get insignias for your units after these dungeons close, but they will be changed over to a new system where essentially all units from a specific series will use the same brave insignias to upgrade abilities.

    Summon Banners




    VIP Coin & Lapis Exchange Shop

    • Highly recommend you grab the Sephiroth shards, even if you don't have him. The price is steep, but Gumi has shown that they are going to be stingy AF with premium unit shards so this is your last chance to "easily" acquire shards for this premium unit.

    Summon Coin, NV Ticket Exchange, NV Select and NV Fragment Select Shops



    Ascension Pearl Bundle (Cost: 1000 lapis)

    Transcenscion Pearl Bundle (Cost: 5000 lapis)

    Fountain of Lapis Bundle (Cost: $6.99 USD)

    NV Select Ticket Adamantite Chest (Cost: $47.99)

    Bulwark Fragment Bundle (Cost 5000 lapis)

    Cressnik Fragment Bundle (Cost 5000 lapis)

    Destined Designs Bundle (Cost: 2000 lapis)

    Orchestrated Originals Crystal Chest (Cost: $74.99 USD)

    Performing Pal's Adamantite Chest (Cost: $47.99 USD)

    Purifying Physician's Adamantite Chest (Cost: $47.99 USD)

    Orchestrated Originals Silver Chest (Cost: $6.99 USD)

    Orchestrated Originals Bronze Chest (Cost: $3.99 USD)

    Weekly Booster Bundle (Cost: 500 lapis)
  2. Hillgigas209

    Hillgigas209 Ascended Member Supporter

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    Aug 31, 2016
    Global ID:
    AerRed13, Cloud, SepiNV, KB, Beatrix
    Thanks for doing it, nice content, Sartre!
    Happy Tuesday Newsday!

    The OG crew , it's late but I will still appreciate.

    Perhaps we can still find some magic in the OG..
    Don't need meta damage , just pretty good.

    Could be cool to add a field effect when cloud or Red is in party, like a good live mako volcano stream
    Cause Clouds irradiated the team with mako
    or a meteor that rains mp from red praying idk. Lol.
    Bawa haha ..
  3. LurkerRamza

    LurkerRamza Ascended Member

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    Dec 21, 2018
    Global ID:
    Esther, Xeno, TT, LM Fina, SSC, Bonus
    So with missing out on the daily dummy when it broke did we all end up with much less rewards?
    Or did I miss something?

    (I did go casual occasionly for some family time this summer)

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