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Unit Overview: Golbez [Final Fantasy 4]

Discussion in 'Unit Reviews' started by Jet Stingren, Jul 8, 2016.

  1. Jet Stingren

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    Jun 3, 2016
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    He's the main antagonist in FF4, you fight him to almost be killed only to be saved by Rydia. That's right, we're talking about Golbez! As usual, sit back and read up on how effective is in the current GL meta? As usual, leave comments about this unit here, and share a conversion with everyone here on your thoughts about Golbez.

    Rarity Level HP MP ATK DEF MAG SPR DC Hits
    3* 568 / 1721 (150) 29 / 87 (25) 18 / 55 (10) 17 / 53 (10) 22 / 68 (14) 22 / 67 (10) 2 3
    4* 721 / 2186 (210) 37 / 112 (35) 23 / 70 (14) 22 / 68 (14) 29 / 87 (18) 29 / 87 (14) 3 3
    5* 892 / 2703 (240) 46 / 140 (40) 29 / 88 (16) 28 / 85 (16) 36 / 109 (24) 36 / 108 (16) 4 3

    Magic Levels at 5*: Black Magic Level 8
    Resistances: None | Weaknesses: None
    Trust Mastery Award: Meteor (Spell): 250% Element-less damage on all enemies, ignores -25% of SPR.
    Limit Break: 250% AoE Magic Attack -> 345% AoE Magic Attack

    Abilities Learned at Each Level:
    3*: Bio (1), Fira (1), Drain (18), Osmose (31)
    4*: Gravity (9), Biora (24), Blizzaga (52), Firaga (52), Thundaga (60)
    5*: Binding Cold (46), Bioga (73), Summon +30% (80)

    Pros: Golbez isn't a bad mage at all. He's got the three generic Fire/Ice/Thunder spells to keep him afloat to help handle content as good as he can do. Golbez also has a pretty nice naturally MAG, and SPR stat which helps him as he cannot wear Hats, and Robes just like Exdeath. One of Golbez's most useful niches is Binding Gold which is a 30% Paralyze it's basically a Blade Bash, or Shock what makes this very niche is that you wouldn't need to give up a important unit in your team depending on your team comp to have status there is somethings in Global right now that will make the fight go easier if you just bought status. Golbez has two Poison, and Paralyze so he can fill in very good with teams cause of this.

    Cons: I hate to be that guy to say it, but Summon Damage +30% is kinda useless. As most of the time you won't be really using your esper unless your either gunning for weakness damage, or for missions (future update) as a result his only boost in damage is practically useless which is a huge con for Golbez on his own. It's useful, but definitely not necessary to use.

    Trust Mastery Award: Meteor is a very strong spell that's learned by very powerful mages later on in the game. Do I recommend it? Yes, actually I do. I recommend cause not all 5-6* mages pick up on Meteor it's still a very powerful attack and can deal tons of damage easily to just about anything espically if the user has dualcast, or Dual Magic on their side then they become a wrecking ball. & as a added bonus Meteor doesn't get resisted by any typings as it's element-less this would greatly help mages who suffer the 'generic' type coverage problem out.

    Comparing to Other Units:

    - Exdeath: As I've said before, in equipment options these two are about the same. They also have the same type coverage as well. But, well.. Exdeath is still better than Golbez for a few reasons he has MAG +30%, and MP +20% which is far more useful than Golbez's Summon +30%. His natural stats are slightly higher than Golbez not a true win for Exdeath, but the slight difference may mean something in the longrun. I will give Golbez the fact that he can fill more roles than Exdeath. Exdeath is a straight DPS mage, while Golbez can be this and a status aliment mage as well with his combination of Binding Cold, and Bio spells. But, if you looking for pure power than Exdeath would be better.

    - Kefka: There's some comparisons to be made here with them as well. They both have status support Kefka has Blind/Silence from Trine, and Poison from his bio spells. While Golbez has Paralyze, and Poison. I would give it to Golbez as Paralyze is more lethal than all 3 of Kefkas status aliments. Silence would be great for certain bosses, and able to turn matches around but Parlayze is a sure fire way to surely drain their HP. Kefka also has better stats than Golbez, and like Exdeath gets better boosts than him and doesn't suffer the generic mage typing issue. So, Kefka would be better in terms of damage, but Golbez would be better in lethal status support.

    Conclusion: He's not bad to grab at all, he's a worser Exdeath, and better than most other mages we got right now. And why would you not want Meteor? Come on... Meteor!
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  2. Cal

    Cal Member

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    Jun 5, 2016
    Thanks for helping me decide, his TMR still makes pulling one worth ti.

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