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Unit Overview: Hope [Final Fantasy 13]

Discussion in 'Unit Reviews' started by Jet Stingren, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. Jet Stingren

    Jet Stingren Ephemeral God VIP

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    Jun 3, 2016
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    386, 889, 987
    A young boy who watched his mother die and blamed Snow for the grave misfortune that had befell on him. That's right, we're talking about Hope and how well he compares in the Global meta. As usual, leave comments, and questions below. Lastly, enjoy the review.

    In Game Sprite Models: [​IMG] [4*] | [​IMG] [5*]
    Equipment: [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Weaknesses: None | Resistances: None
    Trust Mastery Award: Nue (Weapon): ATK +51, MAG +82
    Limit Break: 270% AoE 1 Hit Magic Attack + Ignore -50% MND -> 365% AoE 1 Hit Magic Attack + Ignore -50% MND

    Rarity Level HP MP ATK DEF MAG SPR DC Hits
    4* 582 / 1765 (240) 37 / 113 (40) 25 / 76 (16) 21 / 65 (16) 29 / 89 (16) 23 / 70 (16) 2 4
    5* 757 / 2295 (300) 49 / 148 (50) 33 / 100 (20) 28 / 85 (20) 38 / 116 (20) 30 / 92 (20) 3 4

    Icon Name Effect MP Level Learned & Rarity
    [​IMG] Esuna ST Cure Poison, Blind, Sleep, Silence, Paralyze, Confuse 8 12 [****]
    [​IMG] Firaga 180% AoE 1 Hit Fire Magic Attack 20 21 [****]
    [​IMG] Blizzaga 180% AoE 1 Hit Ice Magic Attack 20 34 [****]
    [​IMG] MP +20% Boost users MP stat by 20% - 42 [****]
    [​IMG] DEF +20% Boost users DEF stat by 20% - 48 [****]
    [​IMG] Thundaga 180% AoE 1 Hit Thunder Magic Attack 20 52 [****]
    [​IMG] Deshell ST 3 Turn -20% SPR Debuff 4 60 [****]
    [​IMG] Waterga 180% AoE 1 Hit Water Magic Attack 20 26 [*****]
    [​IMG] Aeroga 180% AoE 1 Hit Wind Magic Attack 20 46 [*****]
    [​IMG] Area Blast 180% AoE Physical Attack 17 64 [*****]
    [​IMG] MAG +20% Boosts users MAG by 20% - 72 [*****]
    [​IMG] Raise ST Revive with 30% HP 12 80 [*****]
    Great Elemental Selection: Hope as our next 5* mage gets alot of elements to work with and this is really great. Most mages before him had 2-3 elements to work which are the usual of Fire/Ice/Thunder lines. Hope on the other hand has this + Water/Wind spells which makes him more versatile to use in combat among the mages behind him.

    Light Shield Equip: I've said it before, but mages who can equip shields or have some sort of HP/DEF passive hold a higher place cause they're more likely to survive in the meta. The one thing that makes mages hard to use is their low DEF stat which many bosses take clear advantage of so it's great that Hope has this alongside a DEF +20% passive to make himself more durable for these kind of fights.

    Area Blast: I don't know why they really insisted on putting this move on almost everyone on the XIII batch. But, Hope didn't deserve this at all. I mean yes, he does have good throwing weapons and even his exclusive throwing weapon is evidence of this. But, why would you give up 5/8 element support? For a element-less move? On top of that, he doesn't even have a ATK passive so this move was real unnecessary for Hope.

    PvP Arena:
    Hope is very solid in PvP Arena. Given he is a 5* max unit, he can still die fast against majority 6* teams. But, him as a unit is good cause of his elemental coverage. Most of the elements he possess can hit someone for a specified weakness which is great to take advantage of when you're trying to focus down potential threats on the opposing team. Hope also has some support in Esuna that helps him in clear some rather annoying statuses on your teammates like Silence, Paralyze and etc.

    Trust Mastery Award:
    Nue would only be useful for a mixed unit who has clear moves to use in both sides of the field. Hope doesn't really make this cut as he's majority magical from his passives, and movepool. But, if a unit had a rather even amount of moves then this TM could service them in a useful way. But, this TM is not one of those you must get now kinds.. Simply just a meh TM.

    Comparing to Other Units:

    - Tellah
    • Hope has more elemental coverage than Tellah.
    • Hope has more equipment support than Tellah.
    • Hope has more passives than Tellah.
    • Tellah can heal MP, Hope cannot heal MP.
    Overall Verdict: Hope & Tellah are very very alike. Hope in my honest opinion is a more improved Tellah so you can guess who wins here. But, Tellah may have a little bit more support with small Cura heals, while may be better to use over Esuna from Hope depending on your team comps. But, everything else Hope is basically a improved Tellah. More elements to work with, better equipment for survival, and better overall passives.

    [​IMG] - Arc
    • Arc has Dual Black Magic which makes his damage higher than Hope.
    • Hope has better equipment, and passives as opposed to Arc.
    • Hope has more elements than Arc.
    • Hope supports the team better than Arc.
    Overall Verdict: Arc is still our best 5* damaging mage cause of his Dual Black Magic alone. If he didn't have this I would've put Hope over him cause of the more elements/team support that Hope has. But, DBW has a incredibly high niche for Arc so he would still win DPS wise. Hope however would be better in terms of support or needing a unit who could cover the 2 elements that Arc cannot hit being Water/Wind. So, Arc for damage, Hope for support.

    Hope is a very solid 5* mage. You should be happy if you pull him if you're lacking any real strong mages in your party. He has the ability to do what he needs to do without much of a real hassle and would be a solid fit for teams, and or PvP Arena. So, try for him. He's a good 5* mage.

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  2. galih

    galih Well-Known Member

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    Jul 9, 2016
    thanks jet. i found this interesting. having hope be equipped by dualcast will be helping your party. he has almost all -ga spells. he could do aeroga which means he could take down cecil+golem easily, combined by lightning's or gilgamesh's windy skill would do any good in arena.
  3. Ultimatheory

    Ultimatheory Member

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    Nov 23, 2016
    Global ID:
    Still relatively new to the game and just pulled him this morning. I'm honestly struggling to find a use for him outside of farming gears. I already have Refia, Krile, and Kefka on my roster and don't think he will add much value as he seems to be slightly worse in his role than each of these champs. The extra Esuna and Raise may be good to have for niche situations but without getting Dualcast and Cura for him I don't see the benefit of using him as a main.
  4. SummonerBWM

    SummonerBWM Well-Known Member Supporter

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    Nov 29, 2016
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    I would like to debate on his Arena Blast and his TMR since I talked about him in my Mage Unit guide.

    I wouldn't say the move on him is unnecessary. If the player ever comes across an enemy (or group thereof) who is resistant to elements, their mage can become less effective. Hope is made to cover elements and if not, still be able to hit hard physically. Since he can hit good and his normal attack is 4 hits, he's the only mage who can contribute to chains physically and hit the whole group.

    Which is another reason why his TMR can help him as well. He can be made a hybrid easily with this and do not have to worry about losi.g any ATK or MAG.

    In terms of group enemies, Hope would win over Kefka. For solo bosses, Kefka would win with Hyperdrive.
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  5. Epicsheep

    Epicsheep Member Supporter

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    Dec 9, 2016
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    I just pulled a hope and this helped a lot. Thanks.
  6. Griffin

    Griffin Member

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    Dec 3, 2016
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    so im thinking he's better than Kefka. thanks for this review :D
  7. Kosiciel

    Kosiciel Struggler VIP Supporter

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    Dec 1, 2016
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    A2 Olive OK Tidus
    Got two, and they are helping (my only) Exdeath in the event with Firagas and Thundagas. Also his TM, while not top one, looks usable to him. With Kefka and Krile (also: Garnet, Rosa), will it be a good or bad mage party?
  8. Ultimatheory

    Ultimatheory Member

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    Nov 23, 2016
    Global ID:
    I've actually been enjoying him a lot more now. I pulled x2 Hope and x2 Snow off this banner and using one of each in my test party now. Chaining Area Blasts with Snow, WOL's Bladeblitz, and main DD AOE ability is pretty great. I actually am using the event item on him because I am valuing his ability as a physical damage dealer while questing that much. I am really seeing his value when put into the right party. Having his TMR would be great but is hard to justify farming over others right now.
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  9. Skal

    Skal Ascended Member

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    Jul 5, 2016
    I did not get him, but I could see farming his TMR in order to give it to bartz.
    Dual wield Nue + Equalizer would give him both ATK and MAG (133 / 105) and would additionnaly adds 20% on both with his passive from the sword.
    You can build a pretty good hybrid damage dealer with those, especially if you add other TMRS (Maxwell's, Ramza's, Gilgamez and Luneth comes to mind).

    Edit : quick simulation using the unit simulator :

    • Bartz 6 Star
    • FFBEDB Unit Calculator
    • Right Hand: Enhancer +82ATK+23MAG
    • Left Hand: Nue +51ATK+82MAG
    • Head: Creepy Mask +15MP+15DEF+30MAG
    • Body: Brave Suit +51DEF+15%ATK+15%MAG
    • Accessory 1: Genji Glove +10%ATK/MAG & Dual Wield
    • Accessory 2: Celestial Gloves +30ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR
    • Ability 1: Seal of Destruction +20% ATK +20%MAG +10%HP
    • Ability 2: Power of Creation +30% ATK +30% MAG
    • Ability 3: Seal of Destruction +20% ATK +20%MAG +10%HP
    • Ability 4: MAG +30% +30% MAG
    • Esper: Ifrit HP:4500 MP:2200 ATK:5100 DEF:2800 MAG:2100 SPR:2100
    • Total Stats: HP: 5977 MP: 272 ATK: 578 DEF: 319 MAG: 562 SPR: 209
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2016
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