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Unit Overview: Kuja [Final Fantasy 9]

Discussion in 'Unit Reviews' started by Jet Stingren, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. Jet Stingren

    Jet Stingren Ephemeral God VIP

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    Jun 3, 2016
    Japan ID:
    386, 889, 987
    Hello, all we're gonna talk about the man who got lost in the Trance. That's right, this is a review on Kuja. Sit back and prepare to learn about Kuja and see how he measures up in the current Global meta.

    Rarity Level HP MP ATK DEF MAG SPR DC Hits
    3* 508 / 1539 (150) 25 / 77 (35) 21 / 65 (10) 18 / 55 (10) 22 / 66 (10) 17 / 50 (10) 2 3
    4* 655 / 1986 (210) 33 / 99 (45) 28 / 84 (14) 23 / 71 (14) 28 / 85 (14) 21 / 65 (14) 3 3
    5* 819 / 2482 (240) 41 / 124 (60) 35 / 105 (16) 29 / 89 (16) 35 / 106 (16) 27 / 81 (16) 4 3

    Magic Levels at 5*: White Magic Level 7, Black Magic Level 8, Green Magic Level 5
    Resistances: -50% Resistance to Earth, | Weaknesses: +50% to Light & Wind
    Trust Master Award: Flare (Spell): 200% Fire Damage to one enemy, -30% Water Resist.
    Limit Break: 250% AoE Magic Attack > 345% AoE Magic Attack

    Abilities Learned At Each Level:
    3*: Gravity, Barthundara, MP +20%
    4*: Dispel, Thundaga, +20% MAG
    5*: Shell, Graviga, Absorb MAG

    Pros: Kuja has some good options to use Gravity based moves to be a good enemy killer, he also has a few niche support abilities in Barthundara which isn't craftable and is needed for future content. Shell also gets a mention if Kuja is with another unit who plays a different role than he does i.e. support/tank unit then you can setup your team quicker without running into to many issues of a unit not being able to get the SPR boost from Shell. He also comes with a few good resistance to Earth which helps out and keeps him surviving in the heat of a battle.

    Cons: Kuja starts off really slow.. Like really slow his speciality is MAG based attacks from his abilities, and stats however he doesn't get any attacking moves until way later in his 4* which is Thundaga. But, you may ask be he has Gravity? Gravity doesn't kill anything it only does 50% of the targets current HP if the targets HP is 5,000 then the attack does 2,500, and 1,200 if you use it again. You pretty much have to give Kuja any spell based abilities so he can remain relevant to your team but if we're just talking from his own abilities alone? He won't be able to do anything besides Thundaga and if a enemy is immune to it then all he could do is Shell/Gravity. Turning him into a unwanted supporter unit. I would've at least appreciated if he got base Thunder, or Thundara in the least in his 3* so he can put some damage on the board. Another huge con is that he's weak to Light, and Wind while in current content in Global this is not a issue as not to many bosses, or tough enemies have light, or wind based attacks when in future content comes this can prove to be a problem for Kuja there's always ways to fix the weakness, but having it starting out can be bad for him since nothing at can fix the weaknesses.

    Trust Master Award: He has a nice, and strong TMA in Flare which is some nice strong damage and even comes with water resist so basically how water enemies take -50% damage to fire based moves, with Flare they would take -20% instead which is a nice niche to have against them in Kuja case (if you use it on him), then he would have another way to get off damage besides Thundaga.

    Comparing to Other Units: Kuja well gets outclass by any of the 5* mages we have now like Exdeath, I would even go as far to say that some 4* mages have more potential than he does like Shantotto, Rydia and so on. Kuja has better resistances than them that's for sure, and higher stats than the 4* mages but they would be more viable than Kuja as they bring more to the table.

    Conclusion: I wouldn't jump for joy if I spawned a Kuja, he takes a while to get up and running and his ability selection is just too small for a unit like him to be a permanent sticker to any team, he has a good TMA yes. But, everything else just isn't a good feel for Kuja. I would use if I had to fight a boss that was weak to Thunder, or use against a boss that uses thunder elements other than that I wouldn't really want to use Kuja to anything.
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2016
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  2. DanT

    DanT That deaf, dumb and blind kid... VIP Supporter

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    May 14, 2016
    Kuja ain't bad imo. Definitely serviceable.
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  3. Skyedyne

    Skyedyne New Member

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    May 24, 2016
    How is he against the S5 boss, Europa? He seems like he has all the tools needed for that fight specifically. Granted, re-upping Barthundara seems like it would be a pain, but it is something useful in that fight, I would think.
  4. NovemberFire

    NovemberFire Member

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    Jul 12, 2016
    Would it be viable to raise Kuja as a mixed attacker given his stats? If not how would any of y'all build him?

    Also does anyone know how hybrid damage works and could explain it to me?
  5. Athx

    Athx Active Member

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    Jul 2, 2016
    Isn't Barthundara craftable?
  6. jeremyj26

    jeremyj26 Ascended Member Supporter

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    Jul 18, 2016
  7. pdark

    pdark Well-Known Member

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    Dec 12, 2016
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    605 048 728
    Aileen, Event Units
    ::cry::Just drew this in today's daily... man, sooooo outclassed now. The rest of the FF bosses crew would probably laugh at him!
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  8. Kosiciel

    Kosiciel Struggler VIP Supporter

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    Dec 1, 2016
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    A2 Olive OK Tidus
    I had him for a few minutes - was checking his TMR, and then he was consumed by Cecil :P

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