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Unit Overview: Rydia [Final Fantasy 4]

Discussion in 'Unit Reviews' started by Jet Stingren, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. Jet Stingren

    Jet Stingren Ephemeral God VIP

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    Jun 3, 2016
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    386, 889, 987
    The girl with the unbelievable power to summon edolons?! Yep, that's right. We're talking about Rydia today. And what she can do for the Global Meta. As usual, leave comments, and feedback about this unit.

    Rarity Level HP MP ATK DEF MAG SPR DC Hits
    3* 389 / 1180 (240) 32 / 98 (40) 16 / 48 (16) 15 / 45 (16) 24 / 72 (24) 22 / 66 (16) 4 2
    4* 503 / 1523 (390) 42 / 127 (65) 20 / 62 (26) 19 / 58 (26) 31 / 93 (34) 28 / 85 (26) 6 2

    Magic Levels at 4*: Black Magic Lvl 5
    Resistances: None | Weaknesses: None
    Trust Mastery Award: Blizzaga (Spell): 180% Ice Damage to all enemies.
    Limit Break: Fill Summon Gauge 5-8 ES

    Abilities Learned at 4*
    3*: Blizzard, Thunder. Bio, Blizzara, Thundara, Drain, +10% Summon
    4*: Biora, Osmose, +20% Summon

    Pros: Well, Rydia starts off bright and early if you're needing a mage who can learn viable spells at a early level. Rydia learns well everything at her 3* form so you wouldn't need to wait to get her to 4* to really wanna use her. She has a bit of a variety of Poison, Thunder/Blizzard line. Her main draw is her ability to draw huge amounts of damage from summoning espers like Ifrit, Shiva, and Siren and stuff. She nets herself a nice +30% Summon boost in total to allow espers to be viable to use. To me, personally espers aren't truly recommended they can be used for clutch moments like using Siren to silence a enemy or something. But, with Rydia she makes the damage coming off of them relevant enough to use. Her LB even helps the boost the summoning gauge which hints at her being more of a esper magnet/DPS mage.

    Cons: Rydia has extremely low defenses, as in it's kinda hard to use her in hard content. Other units I said theirs is low for their levels, but hers is really low. She cannot take to many strong physical hits even with the support of Cheer, and if the enemy is debuffed by Power Break. She's also hard to use for the fact that she only has the Blizzard/Thunder lines. That doesn't open to many doors for her. She has her uses where this is relevant of course. Her "Drain" Skill is well, 100% useless. It relies on her ATK stat, which is her second lowest stat you can of course manipulate the odds with a more stronger whip in ATK, but her speciality is MAG/Esper control so why would you wanna give up that MAG stat for one move?

    Trust Mastery Award: Not really worth grinding alot for, sure Blizzaga is a strong spell but overall, doesn't hold to much of a relevance in a general sense, you wanna farm TMRs to make your unit stronger most mages at 5*, and some at 4* have Blizzaga already in their skillset which means this would be useless for them, it works for her BM level is too low at the moment to use her own Trust Mastery to use -ga spells, you must be level 6 or higher, she's only level 5. So, yeah. Her trust mastery is useless.

    Comparing to Other Units: Rydia gets shut out by other mages really. She's not the worse oh no, she can hold her own in content now but the other options like Shantotto for example easily beats her 100% as she can do -ga spells at 4*, and has a much more element variety. In fact, she has 6/8 elements the only ones missing is holy, and darkness. Vivi is also better than her cause Vivi can use dualcast, and again has a more open slot having 3/8 his BM level is even level 6 which means he could use -ga spells if he was equipped with one. So, between the three Rydia is last sadly.

    Conclusion: Rydia is a okay unit to have, she's not jump out your sit worthy or anything. She does get a 5* in the future (& It's much better, trust me). So, I would keep Rydia though, she's not terrible or anything she's just lacking a bit in elemental coverage which is great for any mages. And she's well, squishy gotta find a fix for that one haha.
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  2. shabaescaba

    shabaescaba Ascended Member

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    May 13, 2016
    Again, as always, a brilliant review. I wanted her so badly before, but now that feeling is tempered. Thanks!
  3. David Christian

    David Christian New Member

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    May 18, 2016
  4. Taban

    Taban New Member

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    May 28, 2016
    One pro for rydia (that isn't nearly as relevant now that we can craft bio blaster) is that she naturally learns biora, her poison got me through the white dragon encounter back when we only had one island to work with.
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  5. SummonerBWM

    SummonerBWM Ascended Member Supporter

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    Nov 29, 2016
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    Grim Lord Sakura
    Um... Rydia needs an update.
  6. Kidwiz

    Kidwiz Member

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    Oct 31, 2016
    Which esper do you want on Rydia to produce the most dps, with x4 10% EVO dmg materia as well?
    Still have those tasks for the lapis to get.

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