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Unit Review: Auron (Final Fantasy X)

Discussion in 'Unit Reviews' started by Memel0rd, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. Memel0rd

    Memel0rd Forum-Crash-L0rd Staff Member Administrator Forum Manager VIP Supporter Arena Runner-Up S1

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    Mar 4, 2017
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    GL: Warrior of Light Bartz
    A swordsman who appears in the tales of a faraway world trapped in a spiral of death. He is well-known among the people of Spira as the former Guardian of High Summoner Braska. When the giant monster Sin appears in the sleepless city of Zanarkand, he is tasked by Sin to guide Tidus to Spira.

    Man, I was so so so hyped about Auron since FFX is my absolute favourite game. If I sound a bit salty now it might be because I spent 75k Lapis on the banner, 50k more than I originally planned to, got only ONE non guaranteed rainbow on the entire step up which was obviously offbanner and didn't even get Auron 7*. This was worse than my Tidus pulls back when he got released and those drove me absolutely crazy.
    My salt levels are incredibly high right now, my apologies in advance.

    Don't forget to listen to this:

    Auron Review by Memel0rd


    In-Game Sprites:

    Equipment Selection: [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    No innate resistances | No innate weaknesses
    Trust Master Reward: Legendary Guardian (Materia) - Increase resistance to confuse, disease, and petrify (100%)
    Increase ATK (60%) when equipped with a katana
    STMR: Masamune (Katana) - 184 ATK, 30% MP

    7* Stats at Lvl. 120:
    HP: 4734 (+600) Mag: 146 (+50)
    MP: 214 (+100) Def: 186 (+50)
    Atk: 202 (+50) Spr: 172 (+50)

    7* Limit Burst:
    Tornado (Base / 30 LB-Crysts): Physical damage (7.3x) with ignore DEF (50%) to all enemies
    Decrease fire and wind resistance (50%) for 3 turns to all enemies

    Tornado (Max / 30 LB-Crysts): Physical damage (9x) with ignore DEF (50%) to all enemies
    Decrease fire and wind resistance (79%) for 3 turns to all enemies

    5*: Lvl 1 Power Break (36 MP / 1-Hit) - Physical damage (1.2x) to one enemy
    Decrease ATK (60%) for 3 turns to one enemy

    5*: Lvl 1 Magic Break (36 MP / 1-Hit) - Physical damage (1.2x) to one enemy
    Decrease MAG (60%) for 3 turns to one enemy

    5*: Lvl 13 Majestic Phoenix (48 MP) - Decrease ATK/MAG (45%) for 3 turns to all enemies

    5*: Lvl 13 Crouching Dragon (48 MP) - Decrease DEF/SPR (45%) for 3 turns to all enemies

    5*: Lvl 41 Armor Break (36 MP / 1-Hit) - Physical damage (1.2x) to one enemy
    Decrease DEF (60%) for 3 turns to one enemy

    5*: Lvl 41 Mental Break (36 MP / 1-Hit) - Physical damage (1.2x) to one enemy
    Decrease SPR (60%) for 3 turns to one enemy

    5*: Lvl 72 Banishing Blade (45 MP / 1-Hit) - Physical damage (1.8x) to one enemy
    Decrease ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR (50%) for 2 turns to one enemy

    5*: Lvl 80 Double Break (0 MP) - Use Armor Break (FFX), Magic Break (FFX), Mental Break (FFX), Power Break (FFX) twice in one turn

    6*: Lvl 15 Dragon Fang (45 MP / 1-Hit) - Physical damage (3.6x) to all enemies

    6*: Lvl 45 Gnawing Flame (45 MP / 8-Hit) - Fire physical damage (4.5x) to one enemy
    Decrease fire resistance (50%) for 3 turns to one enemy
    [​IMG]Absolute Mirror of Equity

    6*: Lvl 58 Hellstorm (45 MP / 8-Hit) - Wind physical damage (4.5x) to one enemy
    Decrease wind resistance (50%) for 3 turns to one enemy
    [​IMG]Absolute Mirror of Equity

    6*: Lvl 91 Shooting Star (52 MP / 1-Hit) - Physical damage (2.75x) with ignore DEF (50%) to one enemy

    6*: Lvl 100 Bushido Dual Arts (0 MP) - Use Banishing Blade, Crouching Dragon, Dragon Fang, Gnawing Flame, God-Killer, Hellstorm, Majestic Phoenix, Shooting Star twice in one turn

    7*: Lvl 101 Entrust the Future (120 MP) - [7 turns cooldown, available on turn 1]
    Decrease ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR (70%) for 3 turns to all enemies
    Increase ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR (140%) for 3 turns to all allies

    7*: Lvl 110 Take the Initiative (90 MP / 1-Hit) - [4 turns cooldown, available on turn 4]
    Physical damage (10x) to all enemies
    Enable skill for 2 turns to caster: Bushido Triple Arts
    Enable skill for 2 turns to caster: God-Killer
    5*: Lvl 1 Counter - Chance to counter physical attacks (30%) with normal attack

    5*: Lvl 28 A Glass to the Deceased - Increase resistance to poison (100%)
    Auto-heal (1800 HP, 1x) per turn
    Recover MP (5%) per turn

    5*: Lvl 55 The Guide of the Story - Increase ATK/DEF/MP (30%)

    5*: Lvl 80 Mars Crest - Increase HP (30%)
    Increase earth resistance (30%)

    6*: Lvl 1 One-Eyed Swordsman - Increase resistance to blind (100%)
    Increase ATK (50%) when equipped with a katana

    6*: Lvl 29 Itto-Ryu - Increase equipment ATK (100%) and accuracy (25%) when single wielding any weapon

    6*: Lvl 76 High Tide - Increase LB gauge fill rate (100%)

    7*: Lvl 101 Mars Sigil - [Requirement: TMR equipped]
    Increase equipment ATK (50%) and accuracy (25%) when single wielding any weapon
    Increase ATK/DEF (150%) for 3 turns when HP drops below 30%
    Auto-cast Bushido Triple Arts at the start of a battle
    Upgrade LB

    7*: Lvl 105 Tidus's Supporter - Increase DEF/HP (30%)
    Recover MP (5%) per turn

    7*: Lvl 115 - SPR + 20%

    7*: Lvl 120 Braska's Comrade - Increase ATK (40%)
    Increase modifier (1.5x): Banishing Blade, Dragon Fang, Gnawing Flame, Hellstorm
    Increase modifier (0.75x): God-Killer, Shooting Star

    , one of my favourite video game characters of all time.

    His base stats are stronk for a breaker and well rounded in most important areas. His HP, DEF and SPR are quite high while his ATK is on a formidable level as well. He becomes quite bulky after his passives due to 60% HP/DEF, but other than that he also has 120% ATK with Katanas, 100% TDH , 30% MP, 20% SPR and 10% MP refresh.
    Despite his "low" MP, with a regular build Auron easily reaches up to 500 MP and 50 MP per turn, which makes him very easy to sustain unlike many other multi-cast units.
    Auron innately is resistant against blind and poison, though that'll change with his TMR ability.

    Once you equip his own TMR, Legendary Guardian, you gain a ton of different boosts. Most importantly his Limit Burst gains a 3 Turn 74% AoE Fullbreak at every level. Other than that, he gains an extra 50% TDH, Triple Cast for his damaging abilities at the start of the fight and a 150% ATK/DEF buff once he drops below 30% HP. His Turn 1 T-Cast is mostly a waste if you use him as a breaker due to his CD abilities, but for Arena it can be neat. His TMR also boosts his ATK by 60% and grants him resistances against confusion, disease and petrification, thus Auron has almost an innate ribbon as well as 150% TDH and 180% ATK. Neat.

    Auron has two different W-Abilities. One enables him to use his ST breaks in a turn, the other his AoE breaks, full break and damaging abilities. Keep that in mind as we look at his abilities.
    He can't W-Cast his CD abilities.

    With many different break options, Auron starts off decently.
    He has a set of ST breaks and AoE breaks.
    His ST breaks are 60% single breaks, which means one stat at a time. Whereas his AoE breaks have the well-known ATK/MAG and DEF/SPR split, though are only at 45%. He even has a ST 50% fullbreak. For immediate break re-applications without his LB / CD ability, the 60% breaks are currently quite strong and can be handy if the enemy keeps dispelling himself or has to be dispelled.

    Moving on to his damaging abilities!
    Previously we had Loren who had access to two different chaining families, which was a nice trait but in many cases her frames weren't used that much because her chaining family isn't outstanding in terms of damage. Auron on the other hand has access to fire and wind chains with the AT family, similar to Machina, which is a quickly growing chaining family which will be even better in the future. His modifiers aren't the highest with 450% (600% at lvl 120), but having the frames alone as well as W-Cast and occasionally T-Cast can be great.

    If you don't use him for chaining, well you can still use his ATK stat by using him as a finisher! Shooting Star is a 550% finisher (700% at level 120) and while not sounding like a lot, with his T-Cast from his CD ability he can dish out a decent chunk of damage. He as a finisher isn't in the top 5 but having your breaker deal additional damage can be valuable if you are bursting the enemy. His finisher damage can be compared with a third chainer. It adds slightly to his role compression as he isn't useless on off turns.

    His two CD abilities are both great, though his first one is outstanding.

    Entrust the Future is available at Turn 1 with a 7 Turn cooldown. It has the common 3 Turn AoE 70% fullbreak, but what makes it unique compared to other breakers is that it also has a 3 Turn AoE 140% All stat buff! This is a blessing for any event content or short fights as it usually allows you to ditch your buffers. In trials it can ease up your buffer's turns by a lot. Instead of using e.g. mitigation and all stat buff on someone like Nichol, you can use Mitigation + LB Fillrate / Ele resistance buffs.

    The second CD ability is a lot handier for him as a breaker / finisher. Take the Initiative is available at Turn 4 and has a 1000% finisher attached to it as well as enabling T-Cast and God-Killer for the following turn. God-Killer is an AoE 500% (650% at lvl 120) finisher with an AoE 2 Turn 70% fullbreak. This can be utilised to transition from LB breaks to CD breaks again but due to its 1 turn delay can be tricky to manage. It also allows him to burst harder as a finisher if you find yourself having enough time.

    Lastly his Limit Burst, which is amazing for him as a chainer as well as a breaker.
    It costs 30 crysts, but luckily Auron has 100% innate hightide and also access to daggers, which means you can run 2x Hightide daggers on him if you are ignoring his damage output.
    With 22 hits that can perfectly chain and a 1800% modifier Auron can be used as a good chainer with a dupe who deals damage very similar to Hyoh. At the same time he can be used as a support chainer, too, who has access to good damage output.
    The LB itself has an AoE 74% fullbreak + 79% wind/fire imperil that both last 3 turns as long as you have his TMR equipped. Great LB overall.

    Auron is in the spot where he currently doesn't have any cons really
    . In the Side-Notes I will talk about some of his future cons.

    Nitpicks can't be found either other than saying he could have higher modifiers on his damaging abilities, but considering that both his chainer and finisher damage is definitely more than serviceable I can't justify it. You can make a unit only so good.

    The only thing I can nitpick on is his "weird" turn rotation. His CD ability breaks for 3 turns, his LB does, too, but if you use CD -> LB's max turns you will end up with one turn that has no breaks. You'd have to use his LB either twice until his first CD is up again or fit in his Turn 4 CD that enables God-Killer.
    Though this issue can be fixed by giving him LB fillrate gear or just use an LB fillrate buffer. Perhaps even auto LB.

    Auron in the future has no enhancements yet nor series bonuses
    In case I haven't explained what series bonuses are: Series bonuses come from Series Boss Battles such as Neo-Exdeath for FFV. Once you defeat them the units from that regarding Final Fantasy Title will gain buffs in various forms of mod boosts, CD abilities or stats.
    Even today in JP Auron is still strong, like most other breakers. His two niches are still being used in various occasions. His AT frames are pretty handy due to almost every meta chainer having AT frames. CG Lightning and CG Bartz both require a few turns to set up while trials tend to kill off a few units randomly. If one of them dies and you don't have to re-apply breaks, you can keep up your damage. For the tower event (which hasn't come back yet) Auron's frames are also important as you have to gear 3 5-Man parties. His buffs on the break are still great for early kill content and currently buffers don't find a spot in many parties, making the 140% buffs for the turns where you have them somewhat valuable.
    Other breakers like King Edgar and Adventurer Locke have higher break percentages while HT Lid also has higher breaks, though for the latter I'll get back to in the comparisons. Fid also has an amazing support kit with outstanding utility and despite Auron's niches is generally the better breaker, which leaves us in a situation where Fid is on the top but most alternatives have some niches. HT Lid post enhancements has massive breaks that she can re-apply every turn, Auron has great frames and occasional buffs, King Edgar and Adventurer Locke have higher breaks. The difference in breaks isn't as impactful as it is currently due to bosses having ~+50% passive stats that can't be broken.
    Overall Auron will last for a long time and seeing how players clear current trials in JP with Loren you really shouldn't worry about his future proof rating.

    Best In Slot:
    This is a build for full max ATK. For the damage calcs I will swap out the Katana for Hoemaru so his LB can utilise the imperil as well. Please keep in mind that Auron can also go with 2x Hightide Dagger or a more defensive build if needed.
    TMRs such as Hero's Vow - Dark / Earth can be very helpful as they still give him LB fillrate as well as ATK or defensive stats. If you are having trouble sustaining his MP you can also use Hero's Vow - Water.
    Masamune (150 ATK, 50% DH)
    Prishe's Hairpin (45 ATK, 10% HP/MP)
    Genji Armor (20 ATK, 45 DEF, 30% ATK)
    Marshal Glove x2 (80 ATK, 100% DH, 4 Auto LB)
    Legendary Guardian (60% ATK) + 50% DH + Upgrade LB
    Past Regrets (60% ATK, -10% SPR)
    Katana Mastery (50% ATK)
    ADV V (40% ATK/DEF/SPR)

    Stats with Odin 3*:
    9144 HP
    500 MP
    2474 ATK
    587 DEF
    383 SPR

    How good is Auron at 6*?
    Auron is a decent 6* unit, though not nearly as good as his upgraded version
    He has access to a 50% fullbreak and 60% ST breaks that he can all DC, alongside 45% AoE breaks. If you just started out or don't have any breaker yet, this gets you easily through all the early content the game offers. He even has DC-able AT chains, which can be handy depending on your friend units. However he doesn't compete with Machina's 6 star and neither does he with any 7 star breaker.
    Auron is okay without his 7 star, but not utterly amazing at all.

    can be strong in the Arena depending on your team setup.
    He has easy access to status ailment resistances, high HP and high accuracy, permanent W-cast and even T-Cast on your first turn. Despite all that his only AoE option that you can triple cast is Dragon Fang, which is a finisher. This means you need others to chain for you. If you already got chainers covered in your arena team Auron can be amazing. If not he's quite mediocre.

    Auron [​IMG] VS [​IMG]Heavenly Technician Lid
    • Auron has slightly higher survivability
    • Auron has AT frames for wind and fire damage
    • Auron has a Turn 1 AoE 70% fullbreak + 140% all stat buff
    • Auron can be used as a support chainer
    • Auron can be used as a support finisher
    • Auron has an AoE 3 Turn 74% fullbreak (LB)
    • Auron has 50%/79% wind & fire imperils
    • Both have 60% breaks that can be re-applied on demand
    • HT Lid has a Turn 1 ST 74% fullbreak
    • HT Lid has an AoE 2 Turn 79% fullbreak (LB)
    • HT Lid can dispel all enemy buffs every 10 turns
    • HT Lid has Entrust
    • HT Lid has a self 200% LB fillrate buff
    Currently HT Lid's niche isn't as prominent compared to her post enhancements version where she has access to on demand 70% breaks.
    Overall the comparison currently depends on what you want more.
    Do you want extra role compression in terms of support chaining / finishing , imperils or perhaps even the 140% all stat buff? Auron will be your choice.
    Do you need a strong Turn 1 AoE break? Auron will also be your choice since Lid's 74% fullbreak is locked to ST and only with her LB you will have access to the strong AoE breaks.
    Do you solely want a higher amount of breaks since you got literally everything else covered? Then HT Lid will be better. You can't deny that HT Lid simply has higher break numbers, though if you keep in mind that enemies start to have high passive stats that can't be broken a 79% break isn't actually a 79% break anymore. If an enemy has 1000 ATK and 500 passive bonuses, he doesn't end up with 210 ATK but 710 ATK.
    In general the extra additions that Auron has give him a better general rating as every team composition can utilise his kit. He can deal some (currently) strong extra damage, he can chain with one of the most prominent chaining families, he can make your buffer's rotation a lot smoother or even ditch him entirely for low turn content.
    Auron is an upgraded version of Loren in almost every area. Loren has different chaining families which are currently "worse" (due to most meta damage dealers having AT frames) while she has one extra imperil. The only major difference is that she has a 200% LB fillrate buff that Auron doesn't have.
    Generally said Auron wins, though it depends on your covered roles.

    Auron [​IMG]Damage Output

    is NOT a main damage dealer, but he is capable of dealing a good chunk of damage.
    ATK post 100% buff: 2726
    Assuming spark chains

    Turn 1: 2568^2 x 6 x 3.446 x 1.25 + [ 2568^2 x 6 x 4 x 2 ] x 1.5 = 645250985
    Turn 2: [ 2568^2 x 6 x 3.446 + 2568^2 x 6 x 4 ] x 1.5 = 441932132
    Turn 3: [ 2568^2 x 6 x 3.446 + 2568^2 x 6 x 4 ] x 1.5 = 441932132
    Turn 4: 2568^2 x 18 x 3.889 x 1.645 = 759392649
    Turn 5: [ 2568^2 x 6 x 3.446 + 2568^2 x 6 x 4 ] x 1.79 = 527372344
    Turn 6: [ 2568^2 x 6 x 3.446 + 2568^2 x 6 x 4 ] x 1.79 = 527372344
    Turn 7: 2568^2 x 18 x 3.889 x 1.79 = 826329995

    Average Turn 1-7: 595,654,654
    -> 2% lower than Hyoh 10 Turn Rotation ( 607,120,398 )
    -> 17% lower than Sephiroth ( 715,348,407 )
    -> 32% lower than Cloud KH ( 876,839,099 )
    -> 48% lower than Sora ( 1,143,081,268 )
    -> 52% lower than 2B TDH FD ( 1,238,969,188 )
    Despite him being a breaker his damage is pretty much on the same level as Hyoh, which is actually pretty darn amazing. He isn't meant to be used as damage dealer but despite that if you have no better options he is definitely serviceable and on top of that can be seen as a support chainer. Though I'd recommend using him as actual breaker, sacrifice some offensive stats for LB fillrate gear and make sure he is more reliable.

    Trust Master Reward:
    TMR is great for himself and great for any future katana user aka Akstar. Since materias can't stack in GL, a 60% ATK materia will be useful even in the future and it comes with confusion, disease and petrification resistance, which might not be entirely useful for Akstar but for others.
    Since Auron is the best breaker atm and it's required to get his LB breaks you should 100% grab it if you use him.

    Super Trust Master Reward:
    His STMR on the other hand is quite disappointing. 184 ATK Katana, not even 2h and no other effect. PG Lasswell's STMR at least has 50% LB fillrate which can be used on Auron very well, but this is a simple 1h Katana with a high ATK stat and 30% MP, in most cases it's worse than PG Lasswell's. In the future there will be Akstar's 2h 180 ATK katana, which is the way better option for TDH units. Imo don't chase for Auron's STMR.

    Auron is strong, though I want to clear a few things up
    There has been a small debate going on whether Auron was overhyped or not and it is partially true. If you already have one of the meta breakers, there is no need at all to go for Auron, but you have to realise that over at the JP side they didn't have Kryla, our GL's 2B nor an easily accessable Loren.
    If your question is: Who's the best breaker out of them all? It depends merely on your team. 2B deals the highest damage but lacks almost all side utility, Loren has different imperils and chain families, Kryla has the strongest "on-demand" breaks though can't always DC them and if she dies can be screwed, Machina has higher ST breaks with mitigation buffs, Lid has the highest breaks and Auron has generally the best utility for most team compositions. There is not a single winner who comes out on top, it depends on your team. The team that can utilise the breaker's quality the best makes them the best breaker for you.
    That being said I have to repeat myself: If you already have 2B, Kryla, HT Lid or Loren at 7* you don't have any reason to pull for Auron other than an improvement for your team or ... nostalgia.
    He will be great for now and in the future, can easily find a spot in many teams and didn't receive enhancements / series bonuses yet, making him possibly a very long lasting unit.
    If you have no strong breaker yet, this is one of your best bets.
    Also... I have to show my love for FFX and make people think I'm heavily biased towards certain units: Auron is awesome.

    Character Design: 9/10
    Sprite: 12/10
    Breaker: 9.5/10
    Chainer: 8/10
    Finisher: 7~7.5/10
    Trust Master Reward: 9/10
    STMR: 7.5/10
    Arena: 7/10
    Limit Burst: 9.5/10
    Future Proof: 9/10
    Free 2 Play: 9/10
    Pay 2 Play: 9.5/10
    Personal Rating: 9.5/10
    Optimal Rating: 9.5/10

    [On-Banner Reviews]
    [​IMG]Jecht (5*)

    As I said earlier: My pulls were horrible. I planned to only spend 25k and then it became 50k and then... 75k. No Auron 7*, one non-guaranteed rainbow (offbanner)... If you have been around for a long time and remember the Tidus release you will know how high my salt levels are.
    Back then we only had a 1% Rainbow chance with a 50/50 onbanner split. I got TWO rainbows in 6 tickets and they were both my most hated units at that time: Dark Fina and Marie. All my other Lapis didn't net me a single rainbow afterwards.
    I hope your pulls were better though.

    Memel0rd out
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2019
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  2. Scoustar

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    Dec 25, 2017
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    Bias confirmed ::up::
  3. Syde

    Syde Ascended Member

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    Dec 9, 2017
    Global ID:
    ...this isn't Jecht.
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  4. Kaldr_Helsson

    Kaldr_Helsson Discord Moderator Discord Moderator Supporter

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    Sep 9, 2017
    Great Review as always man, sorry on the salt.. oof
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  5. Crowshou

    Crowshou Well-Known Member

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    Oct 3, 2017
    uff, Iam still trying to get my Sophia but Auron is sooo appealing
  6. Sanctusferrum

    Sanctusferrum Ascended Member Supporter

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    Sep 2, 2016
    Awesome review as always. :)
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  7. Marco Aurelio Vins

    Marco Aurelio Vins Ascended Member Supporter

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    Mar 18, 2017
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    Nice review Meme, as always.

    With no breaker at all, i had an easy time in deciding to go all out for him (finished with 4 Jecht (hope his review make him look good) and only 1 Auron) so i partially understand your salt

    I wanted to ask: are you going to UoC him? I will for sure

    I hate how his sword changes through his awakening, his first sword is sooo much better than the other two and make him look much cooler
  8. Strelok

    Strelok Well-Known Member Supporter

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    Dec 9, 2018
    I'm planning to pull for a second Auron, hoping to get better pulls but... I'm going to use him alongside Ignis, but not sure, do you think they could work well together ?

    Nice review btw, couldn't agree more, he is truly amazing :D
  9. Shinobi_SAC

    Shinobi_SAC VIP VIP Supporter

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    Aug 30, 2016
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    959 392 578
    Acc1: Esther Acc2: Zeno
    I had some luck kick in - did my usual ticket pulls on a KM banner (10 regular, 3 4* - since that's what you can purchase), got an Auron. Now just have to wait for the random daily or a future offbanner to get him to 7*.
  10. Sahel75

    Sahel75 Ascended Member

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    Jul 13, 2018
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    Hyoh, Kurasame, Raegen
    Thanks man, really helpfull as ever. Now I'm in the situation in with I have Auron, Lid and Loren all at 6*. The breaker role is the only role where I don't have a 7* and I will probably have to UoC one of the three... and thanks to your review I know that I can follow my nostalgia and be happy ::rudecat5::
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  11. Brou

    Brou Ascended Member

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    Sep 18, 2016
    How about Auron VS Loren ?
    I think they are both on same level. Maybe Loren a little little better ?
  12. Memel0rd

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    Mar 4, 2017
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    Japan ID:
    GL: Warrior of Light Bartz
    Pretty much breaks it down. Their kit is so identical regarding their break numbers while both have a very similar slot efficiency while Auron has the objectively "better" frames and the AoE buff.
  13. Matthew138

    Matthew138 Ascended Member Supporter

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    Feb 1, 2018
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    I have 7* ht lid as my only breaker and I pulled a decent bit of resources to luck out with a 7* auron. Like meme said you definitely don’t need him if you have one of the top breakers already, but I personally see a lot of value in having a breaker/buffer/imperil’er?(made up word)/dps in one unit. It will provide a lot of options for me for team building in the future. I didn’t know much about the hype as I didn’t play ffx, but super lucky and glad I pulled hard for him.
  14. DarkStarSquall

    DarkStarSquall Ascended Member

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    Jun 22, 2018
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    something deadly
    1. Auron´s theme is badass and all but i think tidus´ is better.
    2. I pulled him yesterday and i was never hyped for him but i like him in FFX. (Mostly because i ignore everything jp meta related stuff)
    3. About the overhype thing. (see 2.) I reached a point where i am more excited about unit enhancements than the unit itself. (dunno why...)
  15. Eclipse7

    Eclipse7 Ascended Member

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    Jul 10, 2017
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    A2, Barbariccia
    I have every single one of these units as a 7 star, so do I actually need Auron at all? Is there ever gonna be any circumstance in which he would provide a significant advantage over all of those other units?
  16. Jatabo

    Jatabo Ascended Member

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    Mar 18, 2018
    Global ID:
    Karten, A. Fryevia, Zargabaath
    I´ve also pulled heavily in this banner (almost all of my lapis and half my tickets) because a breaker is literally the only role I still don´t have within a decent unit. No CG Lid, Kryla, 2B or Loren. Heck, my "best" one right now is... Orlandou.

    I got two copies of Jecht in the step-up banner, which I´m not exactly very thrilled about since I already have many physical DPS. But back on point. I still managed to pull one Auron.

    Would you gents then recommend using 10 UoC tickets to get a dupe for his 7* form?
  17. Matthew138

    Matthew138 Ascended Member Supporter

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    Feb 1, 2018
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    I personally can’t say, don’t play jp, but I really like that he can buff and break a good bit and he has at chaining abilities, which will work well for my current dps’s as well as akstar
  18. Frosty Toast

    Frosty Toast Avid Scholar of C# and C++ VIP Supporter

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    Dec 18, 2018
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    Event, 2B, Raegen
    Awesome review Meme, I really love your reviews! Thanks for all the work! Keep it up! :)
    Memel0rd likes this.
  19. Tamamo05

    Tamamo05 "Hall of Fame" Member Supporter

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    Mar 9, 2018
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    Breaker or event
    Maybe you should cover your handphone with plastic, drink some alcohol then spit on your phone. Who knows if that will awaken your phone spirit and attract auron lol
    *Chugging sake then spit on katana intensifies*

    In any case, good review as always meme.
  20. Matthew138

    Matthew138 Ascended Member Supporter

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    Feb 1, 2018
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    If you still have lapis maybe do dailies and see if you get lucky. I don’t like giving advice but if breaker is the last major role you need covered I don’t think it’s a terrible idea. I used my first 10 for a hyoh, because of ‘hype’ and I was so disgusted after using loads of resources on his banner and only getting one. I never regretted it to this point in the game. Everyone’s situation is different

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