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Unit Review: Awakened Rain (Final Fantasy Brave Exvius)

Discussion in 'Unit Reviews' started by Memel0rd, Jul 20, 2018.

  1. Memel0rd

    Memel0rd Forum-Crash-L0rd Staff Member Administrator Forum Manager VIP Supporter Arena Runner-Up S1

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    Mar 4, 2017
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    GL: Warrior of Light Bartz
    Rain after completely awakening the Aldore blood within him, something only a person hailing from the Aldore lineage can do. Since this requires the continuous use of a person's magical energy in order to surpass his or her current limit of power, it puts his or her life in danger. Aware of the risk, Raegen kept this type of awakening a secret from Rain to ensure his safety.
    I'm back from vacation (though sick) and it's time to jump into the new banner! Raegen's review will come in ~2-3 days, I want to finish the current banner before I go back to him.

    Awakened Rain Review by Memel0rd


    In-Game Sprites:
    [​IMG] 5*
    [​IMG] 6*

    Equipment Selection: [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    No innate weaknesses | No innate resistances
    Trust Master Reward: Protector of Lapis (Materia) - Increase HP (20%) and SPR (40%)
    Increase LB gauge (2) per turn

    6* Stats at Lvl. 100:
    HP: 3856 (+390) Mag: 107 (+26)
    MP: 172 (+65) Def: 139 (+26)
    Atk: 130 (+26) Spr: 153 (+34)

    6* Limit Burst:
    Blood Linkage (Base / 36 LB-Crysts): 24-Hit Magic damage (7.6x) with SPR scaling to all enemies
    Blood Linkage (Max / 36 LB-Crysts): 24-Hit Magic damage (12.4x) with SPR scaling to all enemies

    5*: Lvl 41 Spectral Field (18 MP) - Mitigate damage taken (30%) for 1 turn to caster
    Chance to counter physical attacks on allies except caster (100%) with physical damage (2x) with SPR scaling to one enemy (max 3/turn)

    5*: Lvl 58 Escort Leader (65 MP) - Increase ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR (60%) for 3 turns to all allies

    5*: Lvl 80 Standout (24 MP) - Increase chance of being targeted (100%) for 2 turns to caster
    Mitigate damage taken (30%) for 2 turns to caster

    6*: Lvl 1 Complete Awakening (36 LB Crysts) - Increase ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR (200%) for 3 turns to caster
    Mitigate damage taken (30%) for 3 turns to caster
    Heal (6000 HP, 15x) split over 3 turns to caster
    Refresh (20 MP, 0.2x) split over 3 turns to caster

    6*: Lvl 36 Rising Ray (32 MP / 10-Hit) - Magic* damage (3.6x) with SPR scaling to one enemy

    6*: Lvl 55 Magical Distraction (21 MP / 4-Hit) - Physical damage (1.7x) to one enemy
    Decrease MAG (60%) for 5 turns to one enemy

    6*: Lvl 89 Complete Focus (12 MP) - Increase SPR (200%) for 2 turns to caster
    Enables access to the following ability for 1 turn: Unleashed Focus
    Unleashed Focus (60 MP / 1-Hit) - Magic damage (10x) with SPR scaling to all enemies

    6*: Lvl 100 Energy Wall (38 MP) - Chance to protect all allies from magic damage (80%) with damage mitigation (50-70%) for 3 turns to caster
    5*: Lvl 1 Guardian's Fighting Spirit - Increase DEF/SPR (30%)
    Chance to protect one ally from magic damage (30%) with damage mitigation (50%)

    5*: Lvl 19 Awakening Power - Increase HP/MP (50%) and ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR (30%)

    5*: Lvl 58 Raging Blood of Aldore - Increase SPR (120%) for 3 turns when HP drops below 50%

    5*: Lvl 72 Blazing Technique - Auto-heal (60 HP, 1.2x) per turn
    Recover MP (5%) per turn

    5*: Lvl 80 Shield Expertise - Increase DEF/SPR (20%) when equipped with a light shield
    Increase DEF/SPR (20%) when equipped with a heavy shield

    6*: Lvl 1 Blazing Soul - Increase LB gauge fill rate (100%)

    6*: Lvl 15 Esper Covenant - Increase esper's bonus stats (10%)

    6*: Lvl 74 Blazing Physique - Increase resistance to poison, blind, and petrify (100%)
    Increase fire and earth resistance (50%)

    6*: Lvl 74 Transformational Power - Chance to counter magic attacks (80%) with
    Increase LB gauge (7) to caster (max 1/turn)

    6*: Lvl 89 Armor Expertise - Increase DEF/SPR (30%) when equipped with light armor
    Increase DEF/SPR (30%) when equipped with heavy armor
    5*: Lvl 1 Firaga (20 MP / 1-Hit) - Fire magic damage (1.8x) to all enemies

    5*: Lvl 1 Stonga (20 MP / 1-Hit) - Earth magic damage (1.8x) to all enemies

    5*: Lvl 1 Raise (12 MP) - Revive one KO'd ally (30% HP)

    Dragonball fans will surely like him.

    Awakened Rain (/A.Rain) not only has a great sprite with great animations, but a quick look on his base stats reveals a lot of potential as a magic tank. Most notably his HP and SPR stand out. This only becomes better due to A.Rain's passives. Once you equip any shield on him and light / heavy armor, you have a total of 110% DEF/SPR and 50% HP/MP coupled with 5% MP refresh. Oh wait, there's more! Another slight boost in stats from his 10% esper stat boost. This means if you have e.g. Bahamut with 60 SPR, you'll now gain 66 SPR. Not a whole lot, but everything helps.
    On top of that, A.Rain has a 50% fire and earth resistance as well as poison, blind and petrification immunity, making him easier to use / gear against occasional fights.

    A friendly reminder: Awakened Rain can use Rain's story equip. Which means Crimson Saber will grant you easy access to another 30% HP/MP on him while Rain's Insignia grants 15% HP as well as another 5% MP refresh. If you are new to the game, having a total of 80% MP with 10% MP refresh can be very valuable. Crimson Saber is also part of his Best in Slot build. Rain's Clothes aren't really worth it. A.Rain also has a 3 turn self 120% SPR buff once he drops below 50% HP, making him great for beginners if you lack great buffers as well.

    Slowly moving on to his active abilities, the first one we are taking a closer look at is Standout.
    A 100% provoke with 30% added damage mitigation for 2 turns as well as A.Rain's good DEF base with high passives can make him a provoke tank (/substitute) if needed. Later on I will elaborate more on that. Currently there are definitely way better provoke tanks, but if you are only starting out or lack any kind of actual provoke tanks, this can be quite a handy ability. Or if you are just too lazy to switch units.

    A.Rain can... chain?
    Rising Ray is a 360% 10 hit SPR move that can also work with Dualwield. For early content its damage output is likely to be enough, especially because it factors killers into account or weapon element. Though there are definitely better options.
    It can be used for chain bridging, though that isn't really important anymore in the current meta as well as you won't run two A.Rains. Or at least I hope you won't.

    Next up we have Magical Distraction, basically a 5 turn 60% ST MAG break identical to what HT Lid or e.Ramza have, but A.Rain only has a MAG break.
    Even if this is the only break he has, it is still a 60% MAG break. Depending on the content you are facing, you might only need a MAG break instead of both an ATK/MAG break or even only a 35% ATK break from World Destroyer to survive everything. Having breaks on your tanks can currently open up slots, e.g. Basch. A 60% break still mitigates the incoming damage by 86%.

    More of a fun tool to use similar to Rising Ray would be Complete Focus. You boost your own SPR by 200% for 2 turns and afterwards use Unleashed Focus in the next turn if you want to do so. It's a 1000% 1-Hit SPR finisher (not factoring Dualwield into account) and it'll deal okay-ish damage. In earlier content it's more noticeable than in later ones. Nothing too exciting, but eh, why not.

    So far A.Rain doesn't seem that impressive, but with the few next abilities it's going to change.

    His most important ability is Energy Wall, an 80% AoE magic cover with 50%~70% mitigation for 3 turns. Making A.Rain a magic tank with a 60% MAG break and high tanky stats already makes him a possibly "worth to pull for unit". For ambush fights A.Rain also has an innate 30% ST magic cover chance.
    IF (big if) the enemy only has very few auto attacks OR your A.Rain is tanky enough, you can combine his AoE MAG cover with his 2 turn provoke to cover both important tanking aspects. Or possibly only for certain threshholds that have some nasty ST effects like Death.

    His Limit Burst isn't too exciting itself. A 24-Hit 1240% SPR move that requires whopping 36 LB Crysts. BUT he can utilise his LB crysts a lot better.
    Complete Awakening. An ability that basically acts like a Limit Burst, taking up 36 crysts to cast. It's a self 200% all stat buff with a 30% mitigation, high HP regen and decent MP regen for 3 turns. With A.Rain's innate 100% hightide and 80% chance to counter magic attacks with a 7 flat LB cryst fill (max 1 / turn) you can get there very easily. Especially once you use Eccentrick or MS Nichol. It's worth using as it grants him even higher stats (for reference: MS Nichol's LB at MAX buffs 134% SPR) and it also grants him a 30% mitigation in case you do not have that in your team. If you do have MS Nichol in your team, you are better off by just using guard instead. The HP regen is nice, but not likely to be needed.

    Awakened Rain
    doesn't really have any cons, though there are a few things I'd like to criticise as well as a few bad abilities I'd suggest you not to use.

    Spectral Field is just questionable. The effect is totally fine. A 30% mitigation with added AoE physical counter chance to collect LB crysts and what not.
    But... why does it only last a single turn? The counters aren't amazing and are capped at 3 max. The damage mitigation would be appreciated, but that only lasts a turn as well. If it lasted 3 turns I'm pretty sure most would use it. Like that it's just.... not worth using, let's say it like that.

    This wouldn't be a review if we didn't have any outdated abilities. Though to be fair, for beginners it's still... okay (?), but it's more related to the story aspect behind Rain rather than contributing to his kit. Escort Leader is an AoE 60% all stat buff that lasts 3 turns. We have many ways to get better buffs without any enhancements already. Either through new trials or just other units, this one really doesn't cut it and unless you really have NO buffer, refrain from using it.

    Finally two minor nitpicks.

    A.Rain does have a 60% MAG break, which is great. But not having other breaks can hurt. Many enemies (if possible) prefer to be broken in ATK AND MAG to survive most of their attacks. That's something that makes Basch so valuable, having a dual 45% break and 50% single breaks. Keep that in mind if you are using A.Rain.

    His provoke could have been so much better by just giving it a 3 turn duration. You could ideally rotate between his AoE magic cover, his provoke and Complete Awakening. His stats make him able to possibly tank both if the enemy doesn't have absurd ATK. You can still do it this way, but the rotation (if used consistently) doesn't allow the usage of Guard or his self buff.

    Side-Notes:[​IMG](7* Sprite)
    has a 7* in JP but no enhancements yet.
    While he doesn't change that much, he just becomes better at what he does.
    Obviously higher base stats, but also another 20% esper stats and 20% SPR to make him tankier. I suppose his enhancements will definitely add more HP.
    He has an even easier time gaining LB gauge through his additional 2 Auto LB and another 2 from his TMR. There is a high chance you are going to get 11 LB crysts per turn without even equipping anything while you still have 100% hightide. A.Rain also gets a new LB move, for a low price of 20 LB crysts you can AoE recover 5000 HP and 50 MP. It's nice to have, but mostly you aren't likely to use it still.
    However, his innate 50% fire/earth resistance ramps up to 80% at max level. In the future trials are likely to use more than just one element and having two innate 80% resistances (which are also quite common elements) makes A.Rain so much more efficient to use.
    Lastly he gains two new CD abilities. One of them can be quite useful. It's an AoE 3 turn 100% ailment resistance + stop resistance, basically what Mystea has with a 2 turn CD. Fine enough, but his second one is where it's at.
    A 3 turn CD move with a self 1 turn 90% MAG damage reduction. This is basically "click me and I won't die". For powerful threshholds this is a blessing. This makes him perform so much better if needed, similar to what Wilhelm has at 7*.
    Overall his upgrades don't add too much other than enhancing his current qualities and then we still expect his enhancements soon. Definitely a great 7 star.

    Best In Slot:
    Just going for max e.HP against magical damage. Also no limited TMRs.
    Also H Armor Arts instead of Heavy Chimera because while you lose less than 1% of eHP, you get a decent boost in HP/DEF.
    Also, my BiS section will not include weapon enhancements.
    Crimson Saber (30% HP/MP)
    Ziedrich (70 DEF, 35 SPR, 15% HP)
    Frozen Crown (500 HP, 16 DEF, 50 SPR)
    Grand Armor (72 DEF, 28 SPR, 15% HP)
    Arsha's Talisman x2 (40% HP, 20% DEF/SPR)
    Thirst of Survival (30% HP/SPR)
    Protector of Lapis (20% HP, 40% SPR, 2 Auto LB)
    H Armor Arts (30% HP/DEF)
    ADV V (40% DEF/SPR)

    Stats with Bahamut:
    14582 HP
    495 MP
    723 DEF
    814 SPR

    Almost as annoying as Chow. ST Magic cover, very tanky. In the future more toxic due to innate stop resistance and huge tanky stats.
    Again, only if you are THAT guy as his damage output is garbage in the arena. No AoE moves, no status ailment inflicting moves, no death.

    Awakened Rain [​IMG]VS [​IMG] Mystea / Shylt
    • A.Rain has way higher base HP and HP passives
    • A.Rain has way higher DEF/SPR passives
    • A.Rain's magic cover has a way higher chance to proc
    • A.Rain can provoke
    • A.Rain's magic cover has a higher innate mitigation
    • A.Rain has an innate 50% fire/earth resistance
    • A.Rain has a 5 turn ST 60% MAG break
    • "Both" have a 30% ST mag cover
    • Mystea and Shylt have AoE stop resistance buffs
    • Mystea has an AoE status ailment resistance buff
    • Shylt has an AoE break resistance buff
    • Mystea and Shylt have an AoE 30%~42% mitigation buff (LB)
    • Mystea and Shylt can equip Staves / Robes
    While A.Rain doesn't have the ability to equip Staves and Robes, he still gets up to a whopping 14.6 M e.HP whereas a Shylt sits at 9.1 M e.HP, which is about 38% worse than A.Rain.
    Generally said A.Rain is a lot lot tankier than our dear 4* magic tanks while being a reliable tank. Sometimes if the enemy is using ST MAG moves first, Mystea / Shylt often did not cover them, A.Rain will proc his cover reliably in those cases.
    Though both have their supportive aspects. If you have issues handling status ailments, stop or enemy breaks, you might still want to use Mystea / Shylt over him. Or if your team has issues surviving attacks even with the magic cover up they might perform better due to their 30%~42% damage mitigation coming from their LB.
    At the same time though, A.Rain has a beastly MAG break while possibly being able to provoke + AoE MAG cover at the same time.
    Either way it's easy to say that A.Rain wins this one.

    Awakened Rain [​IMG]VS [​IMG] Basch
    • A.Rain has higher base HP and higher HP passives (10%)
    • A.Rain has higher base SPR and higher DEF/SPR passives (60%)
    • A.Rain has innate 50% fire/earth resistance
    • A.Rain "only" has an AoE mag cover
    • A.Rain has a 5 turn 60% MAG break
    • A.Rain has some status ailment protection
    • Both "can" provoke
    • Basch has both an AoE Phys / MAG cover
    • Basch has an AoE 3 turn 45% ATK/MAG or DEF/SPR break
    • Basch has a ST 5 turn 50% ATK, MAG, DEF, SPR break
    • Basch counters physical attacks with huge HP recovers
    • Basch counters magic attacks with 50 flat MP recovers
    • Basch can equip almost every gear
    Even though one would expect Basch to have way lower e.HP due to his significantly worse passives, the difference isn't that big.
    A.Rain sits at 14.6 M HP whereas Basch is at 12 M, which is an 18% difference. From personal experience I can tell you that Basch so far handled everything just fine with a decent to BiS build. So how much this really matters I'm not so sure in this case.
    Kit wise however there is quite a big difference due to Basch's breaks. While A.Rain's MAG break is a lot lot stronger compared to Basch's, Basch also has all the other breaks. He has AoE breaks, he has ST breaks. Against everything. If you want to boost your damage output with DEF/SPR breaks, Basch is the man. If you need to cover both ATK/MAG breaks, Basch is the man.
    Obviously it depends on the fight as Basch can also cover physical AoE attacks. In the future, swapping from an AoE MAG cover to an AoE Phys cover can also be valuable due to threshholds or phase changes.
    At magic tanking A.Rain is indeed better, but the difference isn't very big while Basch is a lot more versatile, can break all stats and is very self-efficient with his counters and also is able to be geared towards pretty much anything.

    Awakened Rain [​IMG]VS [​IMG] Chow
    • A.Rain has higher base DEF/SPR
    • A.Rain has way higher defensive passives
    • A.Rain has a 50% Fire/Earth resistance
    • A.Rain has a ST 5 Turn 60% MAG break
    • A.Rain can provoke
    • Both have a ST 30% magic cover
    • Both are magic tanks
    • Chow can counter with a 30% damage mitigation
    • Chow can apply a self-reraise
    • Chow's LB is an AoE 1 Turn 54% damage mitigation with 55% MP recover
    • Chow has better status ailment protection
    • Chow has a 50% Holy / Dark resistance
    • Chow has an AoE stop resistance
    • Chow has an AoE charm resistance
    This comparison is a lot more simple than the others. Since Chow is pretty much at the same e.HP level as Basch (12.1 M), comparing their e.HP leads to the similar results.
    While at that, they obviously have different supportive aspects once again. A.Rain has his 60% MAG break while Chow can apply a self-reraise while also healing himself for 40%~100% HP randomly or help your team resisting Stop / Charm attacks, which is a good niche ability.
    A.Rain would win from that perspective, but if you consider Chow's LB, which is definitely a great support tool, Chow might be better depending on what your team already has or needs.
    Also, if you do not have any damage mitigation buffs available, Chow is a lot better at taking damage due to his innate counters that grant him a 30% buff. A.Rain has to use up a turn and wait quite a while to get to his 30% mitigation buff while Chow gets it "for free" to save up a turn that could be used for support moves or guarding.
    Depending on your team composition, A.Rain wins or loses.

    Trust Master Reward:
    20% HP, 40% SPR and 2 Auto LB? Yes, please!
    This currently is BiS for every magic tank, for many many supports that enjoy utilising auto LB or even for some healers that can utilise more auto LB such as Yuna, Eiko or LM Fina. As A.Rain also becomes a massive magic tank at 7*s, you'd want to grab that TMR as well. The combination of the high added tankyness and the auto LB makes this TMR very attractive and I'd definitely recommend farming it.

    Awakened Rain
    is a strong magic tank, depending on your team the best.
    Even if your team embraces Basch or Chow more, A.Rain still is beefy. To a point where he has the highest magic e.HP.
    His supportive aspects differ from the other tanks. His 60% MAG break can help you out so much as it mitigates incoming magic damage by 86%, but if you need a strong ATK break at the same time, he will be worse than Basch (unless you use a dedicated breaker, too).
    If you don't need stop resistance and you have a 30% mitigation buff (either Complete Awakening or e.g. MS Nichol), he will also perform better than Chow.
    He also comes with an extra niche through his 2 turn provoke with an added 30% mitigation. If your team is tanky enough and you can safely survive all incoming attacks, having the ability to AoE magic cover AS WELL AS provoking is slot efficient and for those who already disliked provoke tanks a way to get one without sacrificing a slot.
    If you only have Shylt or Mystea, A.Rain will definitely be a great addition to your team as Shylt and Mystea are not only quite hard to gear but also squishy in comparison.
    If you do have Basch or Chow, you aren't likely to need him at all except for his TMR. Occasionally Basch and Chow still perform better as magic tanks. Though it is safe to say that A.Rain also is currently the best magic tank in JP in the 7* meta, but comes in the last batch.
    A.Rain is a future proof unit that performs well in the current meta as well.


    Character Design: 8.5/10
    Sprite: 11/10
    Tank: 9.5/10
    Trust Master Reward: 9/10
    Arena: Annoying/10
    Limit Burst: 4/10
    Future Proof: 9/10
    Free 2 Play: 9.5/10
    Pay 2 Play: 9.5/10
    Personal Rating: 9/10
    Optimal Rating: 9.5/10

    [On-Banner Reviews]
    [​IMG] Mediena (5*)

    Now, go back to watch some DBZ.
    I'm finally back from my vacation and sadly got sick. Journeying back I was sleeping in a ship + bus where most of the people coughed a lot and I'd say at least 40% got an illness due to all the partying. Got to me as well and I hope to be fit soon again.

    Wanna support me?
    I put a lot of effort into it!
    Everything helps

    My Patreon

    Memel0rd out
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2018
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  2. Bartleby

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    Dec 23, 2016
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    Esther or Elly
    Welcome back, @Memel0rd! (Thanks for the review - hope you had a great vacation!)
  3. Master Red

    Master Red 使用人の達人 VIP Supporter

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    May 23, 2018
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    Thanks for the review! I hope I can pull Awakened rain.
  4. PhaseShifter

    PhaseShifter "Hall of Fame" Member

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    Jul 14, 2017
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    362 169 161
    Zeno boi
    come-welay ack-bay emelord-may. Thx 4 za review! I hope you feel better soon!
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  5. theJanne

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    Jun 13, 2017
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    GL: Something / JP: CG Sieghart
    Great review mate ::up::
  6. Klaus

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    Oct 11, 2016
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    You are sick after your vacation?

    You obviously had a lot of fun, didn't you?
  7. Ashlag

    Ashlag Here and not here. Borderlands 3 takes precedance. Staff Member Moderator VIP Supporter

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    Mar 4, 2017
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    Great shit, I swear
    The "most" interesting thing he may bring to my team is said provoke. Cause he can reach at the same time very dumb DEF and SPR, and can aoe cover + provoke. So... You can simply rotate that, and he covers 2 of my usual slots. That's really precious to have this possibility.Yeah, not optimal, but can be with adequate buffs?
    Won't chase him with lapis, just with the tickets I'll get.
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  8. Magoya

    Magoya The Leading Mustache Staff Member Moderator VIP Supporter Spanish Moderator

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    Dec 5, 2016
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    Bartz, Lenna, Summer Whip Fina, Zeno
    Thanks for the review. Get well!
    Dumped the 30ish tickets I had. Nothing at all. Mystea will have to keep doing her job.
    I really hope we get more top magic tanks (GL exclusive, Gumi?) or UoC tickets. Currently, there are only two 5* magic tanks available whereas we have dozens of DPS. The same happens with top healers and physical tanks. Too few.
  9. smallpi

    smallpi Ascended Member

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    Apr 15, 2018
    I think the interesting question is that "Is there significant differences between A.Rain and Re-raised Mystea in term of real usage?"

    I already burnt 110 tickets in this banner and only got Ayaka x2 + Mediena + Duke + DKC and have 200 left which lead me to think seriously whether to continue on.

    My idea is that with exception of limited banner,
    1. There will always be new physical DPS units
    since they're the shiniest ones (Hyou -> Randi -> Jecht -> Akstar (All come with step-up banner))
    - For now, I have Seph, Raegen, 7*eFry, OK, DV, Tidus, 7*Lightning, 7*Cloud
    2. New magical DPS will come really really late, but Elly (if we get Xenogear collab.) is the end-goal for me.
    - For now, I have, TTera, Barb, Mediena
    3. The support units are the ones that are hard to come by (All present S-tier support units are still S-tier in their 7* form even 7 months later) and I only have magical tank spot left:
    - Healer: I already got 7*Ayaka, 6*LM Fina
    - Buffer: MS Nichol
    - Breaker: Defensive (ATK + MAG) - eRamza | Offensive (DEF only) - OK or DV (with Seph to chain with)
    - Physical Tank: Not a must since I already have 100% Evade equipment + Hairpin of purity (in case there're need for ailment resist)
    - Magical Tank: Mystea that could be built to 100% element + ailment resist
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  10. Fayleen

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    Elena my babe
    Great review meme ::rudecat11::
    too bad i didn't got him when i'm pulling lately even when i'm using that *cough* 70% blue tic *cough* ::damn::
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  11. Awerinc

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    Regina, R.Lightning, Tsukiko, Cid
    Welcome back!
    And great review as always.
    It is however another tank that I won't be able to get my hands on, mostly due to lack of resources to pull with. I'm just gonna start hoarding for the Christmas banners and pray that I can get a second WKN and that he gets a fancy 7* form with magic cover since it would makes sense on him
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  12. Caliber

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    Oct 17, 2016
  13. Seelenschneider

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    Jun 17, 2018
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    Got him by just spending 250 lapis for the daily summon. My brother who visited me thought I was overreacting when I was filled with joy and jumped around my room. Lol
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2018
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  14. Moogle_Whisperer

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    Aug 4, 2017
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    Hyou, eTTerra, Lots of support units
    I needed Awakened Rain badly, as I've still been using Mystea for magic cover, and I just pulled him after 11 4* tickets and 60+ 3* tickets used. I was starting to think I was going to burn my entire ticket store without pulling a single rainbow. Thank you, RNG God! ::blackmage::::bard::::blackmage::

    Thanks for another helpful review, Memlord! Sorry to hear that you got sick on your vacation, as that always sucks bad since it ruins your time and you then have to be sick away from home!
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  15. Blaze13541

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    That's an innate 60% immunity break on Memel0rd.

    Hope you feel better soon.
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  16. heimdall

    heimdall Ascended Member Supporter

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    Jan 4, 2017
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    Rant mode on: 5 normal tickets, 3 four star tickets and one 5k lapis pull: second ayaka, gilgamesh(lol), mediena and a.rain. Yeah, I'm happy :D
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  17. riquemg

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    Mar 12, 2017
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  18. Moogle_Whisperer

    Moogle_Whisperer Ascended Member

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    Aug 4, 2017
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    Hyou, eTTerra, Lots of support units
    Damn! That's some GOOD luck! ::toad::
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  19. Spiritsurge

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    Jun 19, 2018
    Have basch already....won't pull with lapis since I am f2p.....but if I get him with tickets....I suppose I will substitute nichol for him and keep raegan for buffs....with fina dual casting reraise and 2 cover tanks....looks like the team would not be dying....
  20. Tsadron

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    Dec 4, 2017
    Better or not, I don't see my Chow going very far. But I would enjoy getting him for any of the indignat fights that need 4-5 units tops (stuck on Dino and haven't gone past him yet) but I was happy to get Chow before I ever pulled mystea so he has a strong footing. Nice to finally see why people were talking so highly about this rain! Just wish the free one was a little better since I'm not a "new player" anymore and have better units lol.

    Great review!

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