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Unit Review: Elephim (Final Fantasy Brave Exvius)

Discussion in 'Unit Reviews' started by Memel0rd, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. Memel0rd

    Memel0rd FFX-l0rd Staff Member Administrator Forum Manager VIP Supporter Arena Runner-Up S1

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    Mar 4, 2017
    Global ID:
    Japan ID:
    GL: Kurasame | JP: Akstar
    The queen of the fairies who once upon a time lived in a forest. Although fairies are creatures naturally blessed with magic, Elephim was more talented with it than most. Although many have claimed to have met her in the flesh, there is little proof of any such encounters ever taking place. Regardless, the kind and beautiful smile her vision portrays seems as if straight out of a fairy-tale.
    Ugly spriiiite uuuugh.

    This review has a lot of text. Just saying.

    Elephim Review by Memel0rd

    [ me when I see Elephim ]

    In-Game Sprites:

    Equipment Selection: [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    No innate weaknesses | No innate resistances
    Trust Master Reward: Elephim's Harp (Harp) - 12 ATK, 23 MAG, 125 SPR, 20% HP, 2-Handed
    STMR: Elephim's Dress (Robe) - 25 DEF, 30 MAG, 75 SPR, 20% HP, 50% LB fillrate, 20% MP reduction on songs

    7* Stats at Lvl. 120:
    HP: 4630 (+600) Mag: 162 (+50)
    MP: 261 (+100) Def: 170 (+50)
    Atk: 125 (+50) Spr: 208 (+50)

    7* Limit Burst:
    The Queen's Pastorale (Base / 45 LB-Crysts): Decrease ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR (45%) for 3 turns to all enemies
    Increase ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR (115%) for 3 turns to all allies

    The Queen's Pastorale
    (Max / 45 LB-Crysts): Decrease ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR (75%) for 3 turns to all enemies
    Increase ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR (145%) for 3 turns to all allies

    5*: Lvl 1 Attack Kill (12 MP) - Decrease ATK (50%) for 3 turns to one enemy

    5*: Lvl 1 Magic Kill (12 MP) - Decrease MAG (50%) for 3 turns to one enemy

    5*: Lvl 1 Spirit Kill (12 MP) - Decrease SPR (50%) for 3 turns to one enemy

    5*: Lvl 1 Defense Kill (12 MP) - Decrease DEF (50%) for 3 turns to one enemy

    5*: Lvl 12 Hide (0 MP) - Remove caster from battle for 3-5 turns

    5*: Lvl 65 Lucent Flap (35 MP) - Increase LB gauge fill rate (150%) for 3 turns to all allies
    Increase LB gauge (5) to all allies

    6*: Lvl 21 Purging Étouffé (28 MP / 1-Hit) - Magic damage (0.3x) as MP drain (10%) to all enemies

    6*: Lvl 94 Fairy's Gavotte (86 MP) - Increase ATK/MAG/DEF/SPR (120%) for 2 turns to all allies while singing

    6*: Lvl 100 White Wings (42 MP) - Heal (6000 HP, 15x) split over 2 turns to all allies while singing
    Enable skill for 2 turns to all allies: Dual White Magic

    6*: Lvl 100 Black Wings Serenade (42 MP) - Refresh (75 MP, 0.32x) split over 2 turns to all allies while singing
    Enable skill for 2 turns to all allies: Dual Black Magic

    7*: Lvl 105 Passionate Flungs (120 MP) - Increase ATK/MAG (140%) for 2 turns to all allies while singing
    Decrease DEF/SPR (55%) for 2 turns to all enemies
    Refresh (24 MP, 0.24x) split over 2 turns to all allies while singing

    7*: Lvl 105 Spiritual Rondo (120 MP) - Increase DEF/SPR (140%) for 2 turns to all allies while singing
    Decrease ATK/MAG (55%) for 2 turns to all enemies
    Heal (850 HP, 6x) split over 2 turns to all allies while singing

    7*: Lvl 110 Queen's Punishment (99 MP) - [3 turns cooldown, available on turn 1]
    Remove all status effects from all enemies
    Inflict 5 random status ailments (80%) to all enemies

    7*: Lvl 110 Healing Fragrance (99 MP) - [12 turns cooldown, available on turn 12]
    Restore HP/MP (100%) to all allies
    5*: Lvl 28 - DEF + 30%

    5*: Lvl 49 Magical String Musician - Increase HP/MP (20%) when equipped with a harp

    6*: Lvl 1 Astral Aura - Increase HP/SPR (20%)
    Increase resistance to paralyze (100%)
    Increase water, wind, and light resistance (20%)

    6*: Lvl 35 Fountain of Life - Auto-heal (60 HP, 1.2x) per turn
    Recover MP (5%) per turn
    Increase LB gauge (2) per turn

    6*: Lvl 52 - SPR + 30%

    6*: Lvl 71 - MP + 30%

    7*: Lvl 101 Marvelous Queen - [Requirement: TMR equipped]
    Increase SPR (20%) and HP/MP (10%)
    Increase resistance to petrify (100%)
    Auto-cast Stop Resistance at the start of a battle
    Upgrade LB

    7*: Lvl 115 - DEF + 20%

    7*: Lvl 120 Fairy's Wisdom - Decrease chance of being targeted (75%)
    Increase SPR (30%) when equipped with a harp
    Increase water, wind, and light resistance (30%) when equipped with a harp

    is a support unit and for that her base stats are great. She has a good HP stat, a high MP and SPR stat as well as a decent DEF stat. Her passives do reflect that with 40% HP as long as you have a harp equipped, 80% SPR, 50% MP/DEF, which honestly are quite good. She also comes with 5% MP refresh and a paralyze immunity. With harps she has an innate 50% water / wind / light resistance.

    Her Trust Ability is pretty good even though she has to hold her own harp, which is two handed thus you can't give her an equip X shields materia or dualwield. The bonuses might not soun amazing but they certainly can be useful. 20% SPR as well as 10% HP/MP alongside petrification immunity and stop immunity, not too bad. The most important upgrade is to her own LB. After you use it you will get access to a huge regen song that also has a 170% MAG/SPR buff and enables Dualcast to your whole team. For the 2 turn duration she is locked due to it... being a song, duh.

    Elephim has two important songs as well as a few other tools, though most of it is locked behind her 7* so if you only got a single copy of her, please make sure to read the "How good is Elephim at 6 star?" because it's quite important.

    Elephim's two most important songs are Passionate Fugue and Spiritual Rondo. They both have the same effect percentages as well as turn durations.
    Passionate Fugue is an AoE 140% ATK/MAG buff with a 55% AoE DEF/SPR break while adding an MP refresh on your party.
    Whereas Spiritual Rondo has an AoE 140% DEF/SPR buff with a 55% AoE ATK/MAG break and an HP refresh.
    You can use the first one well for early fights such as FTKO strategies while using the second one in case you have to survive even early on in the fight and want to stall for her LB, which I will get to in a second. Keep in mind though that you can't use both at the same time as they are songs.

    If you want to buff up everything in one go, she does offer you an AoE 120% All stat buff song for 2 turns. You do not have any breaks on this song nor any regens, but in case you can provide breaks through other units and, as said earlier, you want all stats to be buffed, this will serve you quite well.

    Before we take a look at her LB, Elephim does need as much LB support as possible and her own kit provides at least a little bit to get there.
    Lucent Flap is an AoE 150% LB fillrate buff that lasts for 3 turns and also fills up everybody's LB gauge by 5. She can use it on off turns where you don't have her LB up. Elephim does have 2 Auto LB as well, which makes it easier to gear her for that.

    Now, why does Elephim need all of this LB support.
    Well... her LB costs 45 crysts. If you have 10~12 auto LB, once you do have her LB up you can maintain it every third turn by using Lucent Flap. With 12 auto LB you won't even need a single LB drop.
    Does it pay off though? Her upgraded LB buffs your own team's stats by 145% for 3 turns, breaks all enemies stats by 75% for 3 turns, restores 20% HP/MP and grants her access to a 2 turn song with massive regens, an AoE 170% MAG/SPR buff and access to Dualcast for every party member.

    In theory, after you went through a few turns of your defensive song, if you can maintain it the role compression that Elephim provides is incredible. I mean AoE 75% fullbreak with AoE 145% buff and high regens?? That's gotta be crazy good, right?

    is a unit that can sound great on paper but performs a lot worse than that.

    There are a ton of issues within her own kit, so.... let's get started.

    The most obvious flaw is that Elephim demands a lot of Auto LB, which means a significant drop in stats. As a support unit she will still be able to survive, but her regens will suffer from it as you can't focus on as much SPR as you could have. Not a big deal though.

    To reliably get her LB every third turn you need 12 Auto LB and especially for players who haven't been around for a long time this is likely not doable.
    To actually get to her LB you need to wait several turns. You will have to use Elephim's defensive song for the 140% DEF/SPR buff as well as the 55% ATK/MAG break. With that you should have no problems of surviving currently. Since it lasts 2 turns and you likely won't have her LB on turn 3, you will have to wait for Turn 4. If you still don't have it by then you need to wait ANOTHER 2 turns.

    The more you wait, the more MP you consume. With heavy MP consumption units like Grim Lord Sakura, Trance Terra, Kurasame and Hyoh (as examples) this means you'd need MP regens, right? Well.... her defensive song doesn't have any of that. So there is a high chance that by turn 4 or 6 your MP is gone. Not taking into account of her own MP consumption.
    Once we used her LB we get back 20% HP/MP, which sustains us for another turn. And then we use her 170% MAG/SPR song with the huge regens.... oh wait. If we do that, we can't cast the 5 LB fill. This means there is a chance we won't be able to use her LB after our song ends again, which would mean we'd be stuck in our defensive song another time.

    From what we know so far you can manage to get to her LB AND you can manage to maintain her LB. It is finicky but it works, so still not too bad.
    There is a crucial information that affects Elephim a lot more than others. Dispel.

    Dispel coming from the boss isn't too common as of right now. There are a few bosses, for instance Odin 3*, but not too many. The deeper we get into the coming trials though the more common Dispel will be. And it hurts bards.
    If you cast your song and get dispelled immediately, all your buffs are gone but the bard will continue singing, locking them for a turn where they do not have any action.

    There are several units with backup buffs. But what if the enemy needs to be dispelled due to a large ATK/MAG buff or dispels themselves after we used up our LB? Well... that's the problem. If you get dispelled during your song, Elephim is dead weight for a turn. If the enemy dispels themselves and you relied on Elephim's break, you might be dead as well as you don't have any easy ways to survive.

    Which leads me to yet ANOTHER flaw in her kit. Elephim doesn't offer any types of damage mitigation. Most supports do while not being locked into songs and providing reliable MP recovery as well as many other things. Damage mitigation increases your survivability by a lot, not having it while being pretty unreliable at what you do... means that you constantly run into the risk of a game over.

    Nonono, we haven't talked about her Cooldown abilities yet.
    Many units have great CD abilities that either amplify their kit in the early game by a lot or in the mid to late game by giving them a huge buff or a large modifier, whatever.

    If we are patient enough to wait 12 turns for Elephim to get her second CD ability, you will get a 100% HP/MP recover on your party. This is... not good. Waiting 12 turns on a unit that likely doesn't want to spend her offturns doing something else for... THIS is underwhelming.

    No need to worry, we still have another one in case everything fails. Available on Turn 1 with a 3 turn cooldown we are looking at the Queen's Punishment! Intimidating! An AoE Dispel aaaaaand....... AoE 5 status ailment infliction?
    A unit with barely any offturns, often even locked, gets access to an AoE Dispel EVERY THIRD TURN instead of just giving her regular Dispelga? And status ailment infliction against even old bosses except for very few cases also never redeemed itself...

    Trying to break down Elephim's cons:
    - Often locked into songs
    - Huge dispel weakness
    - No damage mitigation buffs
    - No great way to recover MP early on
    - Requires a ton of LB support

    Elephim doesn't have enhancements in JP yet
    Elephim's future in meta comparisons doesn't look bright.
    In GL we did not receive Roy's 7* yet, which has similar mechanics to Elephim but executes it in a more reliable way even though it shares a lot of her weaknesses. MS Nichol's 7 star will also be better because of everything he does have.
    Generally talking about supports, elemental resistances will get more important as we go on. Not right now, but once we get the Reborb Ifrit / Siren trial there will be a shift to elemental resistances as well. Guess what, Elephim also does not have any of these buffs. We are looking at a support who does not have damage mitigation nor elemental resistance buffs and is vulnerable to dispel while being not versatile. And then we are looking at someone like Zargabaath, MS Nichol or even Yuraisha, who should not be too far off, who have all of these things while still being versatile and providing reliable support. Even in our current roster with Zargabaath the likeliness of using Elephim over him is not high.
    The same thing goes for her breaks. They aren't very high for what you are required to go through whereas all the coming breakers with HT Lid's 7 star, Auron, Fina / Lid, Edgar, etc. can all reliably re-apply their breaks. And yes, sorry that I forgot about HT Lid's 7 star in Machina's review.
    In almost every occasion the role compression that Elephim offers does not perform better than bringing a versatile support who also has ele resistance buffs and damage mitigation who can re-apply their buffs reliably as well as a breaker who can do multiple of things (depending on the unit) while reliably re-applying their breaks. Role compression isn't always the better choice.

    Best In Slot:
    Just going with survivability + 12 Auto LB here.
    Elephim's Harp (23 MAG, 125 SPR, 20% HP) + TMR ability
    Frozen Crown (500 HP, 16 DEF, 50 SPR)
    Robe of Forgiveness (30 DEF, 55 SPR, 10% HP)
    Prodigy's Goggles (15 DEF/SPR, 2 Auto LB)
    Invigorator (35 MP, 10 DEF, 2 Auto LB, 10% MP refresh)
    Hero's Vow - Light (60% SPR, 50% LB Fillrate)
    Protector of Lapis (20% HP, 40% SPR, 2 Auto LB)
    Thirst of Survival (30% HP/SPR)
    Pure White Blessing (2 Auto LB, 10% MP Refresh, Champion HP Regen)

    Stats with Carbuncle 3*:
    13108 HP
    684 MP
    464 DEF
    1173 SPR

    12 LB / turn
    171 MP / turn

    How good is Elephim at 6*?
    If you are a newer player
    , Elephim isn't too bad due to her 120% All stat buff song.
    If you are already past that point and have pretty much any other 6* support, I'd use them over her. At 6 stars her regens aren't present on any buffs, her LB doesn't recover HP/MP and is even more unreliable. Even Roy, who came out way before her, performs so much better because he has reliable regens has similar numbers.
    To be fair though, many supports do need enhancements first such as Zargabaath, Lunera, Ramza.
    Overall she isn't very good at 6 stars.

    Straight pass
    . The AoE 80% 5 status ailment infliction in a meta where many units have a lot of innate status ailment resistances or simply ribbon equipped onto them isn't good and other than that she offers nothing.

    Due to Elephim's role compression I tried to include as many role / unit comparisons in the review already. If you compare her 1:1 to for instance Zargabaath there wouldn't be a clear winner because Zargabaath doesn't break but provides other handy tools such as high damage mitigations or elemental resistance buffs.

    If you compare Elephim you have to compare her to team compositions and I tried my best to explain why she will not perform better than anybody else. I will also try to summarise the information specifically here as most details I've already talked about.

    Elephim [​IMG] VS Other Teams

    With other teams I mean teams with a support such as MS Nichol's 7* alongside a 7 star breaker such as HT Lid (one of the lesser unflexible ones). This team will have 74%~79% fullbreaks through her CD and her Limit Burst as well as 60% backup breaks if you need to dispel the boss or gets dispelled. This means we are not assuming her enhancements, which are still far off.
    Whereas MS Nichol at 7 star has instant access to a massive Turn 1 with an AoE 150% all stat buff with 40% damage mitigation and 4~8 esper gauge fill.

    With this team we instantly jump into a fight with a ST 74% fullbreak and a large AoE buff + damage mitigation. Afterwards Lid can focus on getting her LB as quickly as possible, which would rotate into the AoE 79% fullbreak, and Nichol can apply regens or elemental resistance buffs or possibly even ST buffing someone with a 175% ATK/MAG buff or a water imbue. This works similarly with Yuraisha (who has higher numbers and HP regens) as well as future breakers such as Loren (turn 1 70% fullbreak), Auron (turn 1 70% fullbreak), Machina (turn 1 70% ATK/MAG break), etc etc. There will be quite a few breakers and supporters in the future.

    What does Elephim do with her role compression?
    Turn 1 AoE 140% DEF/SPR buff with 55% ATK/MAG break. Only HP regens, nothing else. She is locked and can't do anything else. After 4 or 6 turns you will hopefully be able to cast her Limit Burst, finally that 145% buff with a 75% fullbreak! But what afterwards? You still don't have damage mitigation, ele resistance buffs or the ensurance to go on reliably afterwards. A (self-/) dispel or the requirement to dispel the enemy would have made her LB almost worthless at that point. And if you did use her 170% MAG/SPR song and someone needs to dispel you have no breaks at all. If you do so you won't have the LB back up again in time (or at least not guaranteed).

    That's why I said that role compression doesn't always cut it.
    You also have to include that your breaker or even buffer can have high imperils, can imbue other people or do other cool things. For instance Loren can generate a lot of LB crysts or chain with AR frames. Auron can chain with AT frames and can be used as a breaker or early game buffer at the same time while both Loren and Auron have high multi imperils. HT Lid has way higher breaks and strong breaks if someone needs a dispel, Edgar can chain or even 84% fullbreak, Fina / Lid can imperil by a lot, give everybody a chaining move and what not.

    Trust Master Reward:
    Great stats with 125 SPR and 20% HP, but locked behind two-handed, which means no equip shield materia or no dualwielding weapons. Not even a itemworld enhanced Bowie Knife. Unless you use Elephim you can safely skip it.

    Super Trust Master Reward:
    STMR got a GE buff with the added 50% LB fillrate. Now it has 25 DEF, 30 MAG and 75 SPR alongside 20% HP and 50% LB fillrate, which is quite nice. The issue is, who really uses that?
    Magic tanks will appreciate the huge survivability, but there is already Wilhelm's STMR. Or you want to focus on elemental resistances with rainbow robe / the new King's armor.
    Healers or supporters can use this STMR quite well as long as their LBs are good. But it's definitely not worth chasing.

    Elephim sounds nice on paper but is clunky and demanding in execution
    I've already covered everything more than in-depth this time what makes her perform so poorly in action.
    Elephim has a large dispel weakness due to being either locked in songs or having a high LB downtime due to the 45 LB cryst cost.
    Elephim doesn't provide any elemental resistance buffs nor damage mitigation buffs, which are both really nice to have and even required in future boss trials.
    Elephim's regens are high, but as unreliable as it gets for a meta support. Especially in the early turns you might have struggles managing your MP, though that always depends on your team.
    Unless you have a weird obsession with Elephim like that one JP player who keeps using her in every trial for... no reason, you should skip her. Even if you have absolutely no support, try to hold out a little longer. Yuraisha is on her way and she is a thousand times better than what you can get from Elephim. Future breakers will also be better and I'd even argue that bringing MS Nichol 6 star + HT Lid 6 star is better than deploying Elephim, though maybe I am overexaggerating.
    Elephim is too clunky for my personal taste.

    "My LB will come sooooooooon"

    Character Design:
    Sprite: 1/10
    Buffer: 8/10
    Breaker: 7.5
    Trust Master Reward: 4/10
    STMR: 8.5/10
    Arena: 1/10
    Limit Burst: 9.5/10
    Future Proof: 4/10
    Free 2 Play: 8.5/10 (because assuming not many good units)
    Pay 2 Play: 5/10
    Personal Rating: 6/10
    Optimal Rating: 7.5?/10

    Elephim review done, time to wait for better units.
    Also a party later on. Woopity scoop.

    Memel0rd out
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2018
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  2. Randkin

    Randkin Ascended Member

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    Dec 12, 2017
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    Sophia, Fayt
    Thanks for the review.

    Believe if I want a bard, I'll wait for Roy's next star.

    Though, you did forget a special passive for her, where if enough people clap for her, she gets ReRaise applied.

    Last edited: Nov 10, 2018
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  3. Nina

    Nina Eyes on Me Staff Member Moderator VIP Supporter Account Trade Moderator

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    Jul 8, 2016
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    CG Nina
    Already know her from JP. If there is any skip, this is it. Wasted unit week > hoard week. It really feels bad on skipping these tho, i'm still stuck with Ramza as my buffer.. Yuraisha please come soon.

    I don't agree with her score on the desgin and sprite tho. Looks okish for a fairy.
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  4. DarkStarSquall

    DarkStarSquall Well-Known Member

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    Jun 22, 2018
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    something deadly
    now we have another jiraya in our pool, thank you.

    However great review for a not so great unit.
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  5. Scoustar

    Scoustar VIP VIP Supporter

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    Dec 25, 2017
    Global ID:
    When I looked at her kit with my amateur eye I couldn't figure a rotation I liked, unlike Roy whose rotation kinda obvious.

    Clunky is a generous description; 12 auto LB makes her more nightmare than clunk

    Thanks for the review as always Meme ::up::
  6. T-Rex

    T-Rex Well-Known Member

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    Jun 9, 2018
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    Sprite: 11/10 ::rudecat13::
  7. Tanatos

    Tanatos "Hall of Fame" Member Supporter

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    Apr 12, 2018
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    838 612 439
    Japan ID:
    512 695 920
    Jecht,Hyoh,TT, Beryl
    Jiraiya need a girlfriend too ::ink::
    And... 12 auto lb. My RNGodess... I only have 6 rn.
  8. aa25

    aa25 VIP VIP

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    Jan 9, 2018
    Global ID:
    Thanks for the review. I'm not a fan of bards. I am likely skipping, but her sprite is pretty cool.
  9. Caliber

    Caliber VIP VIP

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    Oct 17, 2016
    Someone said skip, it automatically summons me
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  10. Raehan

    Raehan Ascended Member

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    May 1, 2017
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    Chizuru doesn't approve ::doink::
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  11. SummonerBWM

    SummonerBWM "Hall of Fame" Member Supporter

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    Nov 29, 2016
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    I honestly believe that those who were around long enough for a while can make this type of build without the use of Eliphim's STMR until they can get it. I honestly would prefer this build over yours @Memel0rd since I will have more HP and SPR. Nice review though!

  12. Ender

    Ender Well-Known Member

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    Sep 7, 2018
    I like her sprite as well to each their own XD
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  13. mwlodar

    mwlodar Ascended Member

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    Jan 13, 2017
    I think she would work well in parties that use merc ramza as tank since he doesn't have much good to do on the third turn of his rotation so he can use entrust for this insane LB.
  14. Fayleen

    Fayleen GLEX admirer and Summary maker VIP Supporter

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    Mar 12, 2018
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    7 star GLEX units
    Nice review meme
    I don't agree with that sprite rating, Her sprite isn't bad and personally I'd rate it 7/10
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  15. Lumina

    Lumina Ascended Member Supporter

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    Apr 3, 2017
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    come on, look at that harp and the wings...!
  16. Nina

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    Jul 8, 2016
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    CG Nina
    Why, do you feel that way?
  17. Caliber

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    Oct 17, 2016
    Because I’m the SkipL0rd, saying skip is like my bat signal

    It causes me to arrive
  18. Nina

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    Jul 8, 2016
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    CG Nina
    Sounds...Religious, what is it ::rudecat10::
  19. Raelf

    Raelf "Hall of Fame" Member

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    Nov 18, 2017
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    E. Trance Terra, Hyoh, Sieghard
    I do indeed use MS Nichol + Lid and I have dupes of both, so here we go! 6 Million more gil to farm...
  20. toooskies

    toooskies Ascended Member

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    Aug 23, 2016
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    Way underrated here when comparing to two future units as opposed to one old one like most reviews. As a breaker alone, she is similar to Machina, with a compromise of AoE for some break strength. Her LB/turn is demanding, but less than HT Lid’s at 7* (15/turn vs 16/turn), and she can self-fill as soon as her first LB goes off. Fit Mood Maker into her kit, skip mediocre cooldowns to generate LB shards early, reap the party-wide benefits.

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