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Unit Review: Shadow Lord (Final Fantasy XI)

Discussion in 'Unit Reviews' started by Memel0rd, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. Memel0rd

    Memel0rd "Memel0rd ruined Esther reee" Staff Member Administrator Forum Manager VIP Supporter Arena Runner-Up S1

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    Mar 4, 2017
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    GL: Cid | JP: Akstar
    A mysterious figure that suddenly appeared in the distant world of Vana'diel. The Shadow Lord led an army of Kindred soldiers to envelop the world in chaos more than 20 years ago. Although he was defeated by Hume heroes, rumor has it that he has returned.
    You should all listen to Shadow Lord's FFXI theme while reading this. Even though it's old and most of you will probably remember it from the first FFXI event, it's one of my favorite themes in Final Fantasy.

    Shadow Lord Review by Memel0rd


    In-Game Sprites:

    Equipment Selection: [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    No innate resistances | No innate weaknesses
    Trust Master Reward: Devourer of Shadows (Materia) - Increase ATK (30%) when equipped with a sword
    Increase ATK (30%) when equipped with a helm
    STMR: Sagasinger (Sword) - ATK+160, HP +20%, MP +20%

    7* Stats at Lvl. 120:
    HP: 4812 (+540) Mag: 149 (+40)
    MP: 180 (+90) Def: 186 (+40)
    Atk: 202 (+65) Spr: 166 (+40)

    7* Limit Burst:
    Tera Slash - Charged Dash (Base / 30 LB-Crysts): 1-Hit Instant KO (50%) or deal physical damage (7.55x) with ignore DEF (50%) to all enemies

    Tera Slash - Charged Dash (Max / 30 LB-Crysts): 1-Hit Instant KO (80%) or deal physical damage (9x) with ignore DEF (50%) to all enemies

    5*: Lvl 1 Dynamic Assault (28 MP / 1-Hit) - Physical damage (4.5x) to one enemy
    Inflict petrify (30%) to one enemy

    If used after Blood Weapon (FFXI):
    Physical damage (11.25x) to one enemy
    Inflict petrify (60%) to one enemy

    5*: Lvl 23 Transfusion (24 MP / 1-Hit) - Physical damage (2x) as HP drain (30%) to one enemy
    Increase DEF/SPR (80%) for 3 turns to caster

    5*: Lvl 69 Violent Rupture (40 MP / 1-Hit) - Physical damage (1.8x) with ignore DEF (50%) to all enemies

    If used after Blood Weapon (FFXI):
    Physical damage (4.5x) with ignore DEF (50%) to all enemies

    5*: Lvl 80 Manastrom (24 MP / 1-Hit) - Physical damage (2x) as MP drain (30%) to one enemy
    Increase ATK/MAG (80%) for 3 turns to caster

    6*: Lvl 1 Oblivion Smash (36 MP / 1-Hit) - Physical damage (1.8x) to all enemies
    Remove all status effects from all enemies

    If used after Blood Weapon (FFXI):
    Physical damage (4.5x) to all enemies
    Remove all status effects from all enemies

    6*: Lvl 17 Soma Wall (45 MP) - Mitigate physical damage taken (30%) for 3 turns to caster
    Heal (10000 HP, 0x) split over 3 turns to caster

    6*: Lvl 36 Cross Smash (32 MP / 4-Hit) - Physical damage (2.5x) to one enemy
    Decrease DEF (50%) for 3 turns to one enemy
    Decrease dark resistance (60%) for 3 turns to one enemy

    If used after Blood Weapon (FFXI):
    Physical damage (7.5x) to one enemy
    Decrease DEF (60%) for 5 turns to one enemy
    Decrease dark resistance (100%) for 5 turns to one enemy

    6*: Lvl 51 Spell Wall (45 MP) - Mitigate magic damage taken (30%) for 3 turns to caster
    Refresh (150 MP, 0x) split over 3 turns to caster

    6*: Lvl 88 Dynamic Implosion (45 MP / 1-Hit) - Dark physical damage (7.2x) with HP sacrifice (60%) to all enemies

    If used after Blood Weapon (FFXI):
    Dark physical damage (18x) with HP sacrifice (60%) to all enemies

    6*: Lvl 100 Doom Arc (45 MP / 8-Hit) - Physical damage (5.2x) with HP sacrifice (30%) to one enemy

    If used after Blood Weapon (FFXI):
    Physical damage (13x) with HP sacrifice (30%) to one enemy

    7*: Lvl 101 Blood Weapon (66 MP) - [3 turns cooldown, available on turn 1]
    HP damage (30%) to caster
    Increase ATK (250%) for 2 turns to caster
    Decrease DEF (50%) for 2 turns to caster
    Heal (19998 HP, 0x) split over 2 turns to caster

    7*: Lvl 105 Spawn Shadow (36 MP) - Negate 2 physical damage taken for 3 turns to caster
    Auto-revive (100% HP) for 3 turns to caster
    5*: Lvl 1 Sword Mastery - Increase ATK (50%) when equipped with a sword

    5*: Lvl 54 Hatred for the Talekeeper - Increase HP (30%)
    Increase ATK (150%) for 3 turns when HP drops below 50%

    6*: Lvl 69 Guardian of Shadows - Increase ATK (30%)
    Increase dark resistance (100%)

    7*: Lvl 101 Unforgiving Power - [Requirement: TMR equipped]
    Increase resistance to all status ailments (100%)
    Increase modifier (1x) to Cross Smash, Doom Arc, Dynamic Assault, Dynamic Implosion, Oblivion Smash, Violent Rupture

    7*: Lvl 110 Shadow Lord - Increase equipment ATK (100%) when single wielding any weapon
    Increase accuracy (25%) when single wielding any weapon
    Increase equipment ATK (30%) when dual wielding

    7*: Lvl 115 - SPR + 20%

    7*: Lvl 120 Immortal Justice - Chance to ignore fatal damage (50%) when HP is above 40% (max 3 times)
    Increase DEF (30%)

    Let's not make any jokes with "l0rd", can we do that? Dragonlord already took that joke too far.

    Shadow Lord's stats are what you expect him to have: high ATK with good HP/DEF. These stats are pretty much the current's and future's standard.
    His passives are decent, too. With innate 80% ATK with swords, 30% HP/DEF and 20% SPR as well as another 30% True Dualwield and 100% True Doublehand he can be built either way. Which we will take advantage of later on in the review. He also has 100% dark resistance and a 3x ignore fatal attack (50%) as long as his HP is above 40%. This is really important as you are going to see later on.

    When it comes down to his trust ability, you'll quickly see that you want it if you use Shadow Lord.
    His own TMR grants him 60% ATK (30% ATK with swords, 30% ATK with helms), which already is enough reason to equip it. But you will get a ribbon as well as a 100% modifier boost to all of his relevant damaging abilities. For the ones with 50% def ignore that means an effective 200% modifier boost. It's not on the same level as Adam's TMR ability, but it's still great and makes him a lot more comfortable to use.

    Shadow Lord has a lot of active abilities, so I will cover the lesser good ones first.

    Self-sustainability gets taken to another level. With Manastrom and Transfusion Shadow Lord can either drain HP or MP while buffing his DEF/SPR or ATK/MAG by 80%. Though drains aren't always the best way to gain back your missing stats.
    So why not use Soma / Spell Wall? Soma grants him 30% physical mitigation, Spell 30% magic mitigation. While Soma grants him an effective 3333 HP per turn for 3 turns, Spell recovers 50 MP per turn for the next 3 turns. I can see these being useful because of the stacking with regular mitigation or even for the missing HP / MP.

    Just letting you know that Shadow Lord will have a few dark knight abilities, so his Spawn Shadow might be even more interesting to you. It negates the next two physical hits as well as applying a 100% HP self reraise for 3 turns. Self reraises are always useful if you can't keep up with the incoming damage.

    Now, off to his damaging abilities. But before that, we need to talk about his CD ability, which is available at turn 1 and has a 3 turn cooldown.
    It damages Shadow Lord for 30% HP, decreases his own base DEF by 50% for 2 turns but in return increases your ATK by 250% as well as a 9999 HP regen for 2 turns, so the 30% HP loss is immediately negated and... 250% ATK??? That's a lot of damage (see what I did there?).

    He has two non-elemental finishing moves that might be useful if you want to equip a different element onto him. They both have really bad modifiers but after you use Blood Weapon, his CD move, you will get a ST 1250% finisher as well as an AoE 1050% finisher. Not too shabby, but I bet we can top that.

    If you want an AoE dispel, you are at the right place.
    Shadow Lord and his Oblivion Smash provide an AoE dispel at all times and that can become so clutch. Using healer without Dispelga can get you into some trouble against multi bosses that like to buff everybody. So seeing a damage dealer having it... I'll gladly take it.

    Cross Smash is the setup move I want to see. It's vanilla version is a 250% ST 4-hitter with a 50% def break and a 60% dark imperil for 3 turns.
    But if you use it after Blood Weapon, it'll become a lot lot better. It turns into a 750% modifier with a 60% def break and a 100% dark imperil. For 5 turns. This allows him to rotate into one of his next abilities for insane OTKO potential, though be aware that it'll take some time to get there.

    His two most powerful moves are a dark finisher as well as a non-elemental chaining move.

    Dynamic Implosion, his dark finisher, is an AoE 720% modifier with a self 60% HP damage. Again, after you used his CD ability it will turn into a massive 1800% finisher, 1900% with his own TMR. Since Shadow Lord has innate TDH passives, can equip large swords and can set himself up nicely, this can become one powerful finisher that's comparable to Olive. Though it takes time, again. The HP sacrifice is negated by the passive's regen.

    Lastly, his chaining move Doom Arc. It is an 8-hitter and while it has the same frames as Prompto on hits, it has a slightly different delay.
    It starts off as a 520% modifier with a 30% HP sacrifice though after his CD move it goes up to a 1300% modifier. With his TMR equipped 620% / 1400%. Again, if used after his Cross Smash, this makes for a really powerful turn of chaining.

    So, how exactly was his ignore fatal damage passive good?
    His finisher move will be used with TDH and takes up 60% HP. Thus you will have 40% HP remaining which means you can still ignore incoming fatal damage if necessary.
    Same goes for Doom Arc, with DW you will lose 60% HP leaving you with 40% HP once again.
    And for off turns where you do not have your CD move's buffs you will likely have a 150% ATK buff due to his <50% HP passive. Not the worst.

    Shadow Lord
    has a good amount of cons though.

    Even though Shadow Lord has his ways of regaining his MP, but that takes up a turn. Otherwise Shadow Lord has no other way of innately gaining MP back, though to be far his MP consumption is very low for a 7 star unit.

    As you might have noticed, Shadow Lord needs time. If you use external setup it's not really as bad, however if you want him to burst an enemy down you will have to use his CD ability first, then Cross Smash, then fill the gap with either just randomly chaining / finishing, THEN use his CD move again and finally you got yourself that 100% dark imperil'd move with a huge modifier and a 60% def break. Only took 5 turns.

    HP sacrifices in general can force you into situations you'd prefer not to be in. Sometimes your healer will have to heal Shadow Lord up before attacking. While HP itself isn't the issue due to having regens on his CD move anyway and fatal ignore attacks, if your HP got lowered during your turn and you will not survive the HP sacrifice move, your healer is forced... to heal. This doesn't sound bad but healers such as LM Fina can do many other things than just healing.

    And yes, you probably expected it: Shadow Lord is based on dark damage. Though it shouldn't be a huge drop in most of the coming content. It hasn't been that bad lately either. But a lot of old content you shouldn't attempt with dark damage. His powerful finisher will definitely not work as well, but if you have the external setup you can still utilise his chaining moves or less powerful finishers.

    His equipment choice makes his innate TDH less wanted. We do not have any 2h swords and the one that's coming on the Valkyrie Profile banner is a meme weapon with negative variance. Shadow Lord would've probably be bonkers if he had W-Ability, but he loses out on a good amount of ATK when using a 2h weapon.

    His Limit Burst isn't great either. Chances are you will not Doublehand an elemental weapon but mostly prefer to run innate ele weapons with his TDW passive. And DW + LBs usually don't end up being powerful while his TDH variant can't utilise that LB as much except if you go for an external imbue + imperil.

    Overall his biggest drawback is his CD move for average damage. Burst damage he can do just fine.

    Shadow Lord
    doesn't have enhancements in JP yet, though he should get them soon.
    In GL Shadow Lord did get a little bit of love and got 1 turn less CD on his Blood Weapon, which does help him and actually enables him to set himself up more easily with Cross Smash followed up by quicker burst damage.
    Potential being locked behind CD ability usually makes units feel a lot more clunky than they should. While Shadow Lord's damage without his CD ability is currently fine, it'll be a lot worse in comparison in the future. Or rather it'll be overshadowed.
    Other than that he can still be used as a decent dark finisher for burst damage if you want someone with a strong dark imperil + def break.
    Something that you should keep in mind he might be valuable in some of the 10 man trials. His Dynamic Implosion is an AoE damage move with a very high modifier. He can use Blood Weapon and you just store him away with his 250% ATK buff ready to unleash a 1800% or 1900% finisher at any time. That can be helpful.
    Generally though outside of his burst potential he isn't really that great in the near future or even now.

    Best In Slot:
    Most STMR builds are simply exchanging Kain's helm for the Genji Helm and that's pretty much it. And you shouldn't use Delita's STMR on him... I don't recommend it.
    So here you have a TDH build and a TDW build for finishers and chains.
    Moonblade (118 ATK, Dark)
    Sasuke's Katana (130 ATK, DW)
    Dragoon Helmet (40 ATK, 28 DEF)
    Cloud's Uniform (15 ATK, 30 DEF, 15 SPR, 500 HP)
    Desch's Earring x2 (90 ATK)
    Devourer of Shadows (60% ATK + Ribbon + 100% mods)
    Hero's Vow - Dark (60% ATK)
    Chosen One (50% ATK, 10% HP)
    Katana Mastery (50% ATK)

    Stats with Titan 3*:
    7914 HP
    291 MP
    1558 ATK
    421 DEF
    308 SPR
    Lion Heart (150 ATK, 1.0~1.6x damage variance)
    Dragoon Helmet (40 ATK, 28 DEF)
    Iron Colossus (15 ATK, 56 DEF)
    Marshal Glove (80 ATK, 100% TDH)
    SSP-Dark (60% ATK)
    Large Sword Mastery (50% ATK)
    Buster Style (100% TDH)
    Devourer of Shadows (30% ATK + Ribbon + 100% mods)

    Stats with Titan 3*:
    8159 HP
    316 MP
    1964 ATK
    466 DEF
    310 SPR

    How is the unit as a 6*?
    Shadow Lord
    as a single 6* is bad.
    His potential comes from his CD Ability and while he does get it immediately in his 7 star form, he doesn't have access to it just yet. Which means none of his abilities are able to gain their extra power. Your chaining move won't go up by 900% modifiers, your finisher move won't have more than double its modifier, your break won't go up to a 100% imperil + 60% def break. You won't have a 250% ATK buff.
    Generally without his 7 star he isn't really good at all outside of his TMR.


    He is alright in the Arena. He has access to a pretty easy Ribbon and has AoE physical moves that ignore covers. With his innate TDH you can also get him up to 100% accuracy fairly easy, but not inflicting any status ailments while doing so as well as not having w-ability doesn't make him a very strong arena unit. He can work out if you want him to.

    Shadow Lord [​IMG]Damage Output
    - Damage Comparisons -

    Just as with Adam, I'll provide his finisher damage as well as his chaining damage and compare it to others. Though please keep in mind for chainers that his average damage is a lot worse in comparison to his massive burst.
    Due to sacrificing HP pretty much every turn I will assume having a 150% ATK buff on turns where you do not have his 250% one.

    Assuming 150% / 250% ATK buff
    ATK post 150% buff: 1782 LH | 1794 RH
    ATK post 250% buff: 2018 LH | 2030 RH
    Assuming spark chains

    Average Chain Mod (Cross Smash): 2.61
    Average Chain Mod (Doom Arc): 3.31

    Turn 1: [Blood Weapon] = 0
    Turn 2: 2018^2 x 7.5 x 2.61 x 1.5 + 2030^2 x 7.5 x 2.61 x 2 = 318,361,094 (Cross Smash)
    Turn 3: [ 1782^2 x 6.2 x 3.31 + 1794^2 x 6.2 x 4 ] x 2 = 289,970,632 (Doom Arc)
    Turn 4: [Blood Weapon] = 0
    Turn 5: [ 2018 ^2 x 14 x 3.31 + 2030^2 x 14 x 4 ] x 2 = 838,963,788 (Doom Arc)
    Turn 6: [ 1782^2 x 6.2 x 3.31 + 1794^2 x 6.2 x 4 ] x 2 = 289,970,632 (Doom Arc)

    Average Damage: 289544357

    -> 12% higher than Orlandeau ( 256,711,723 )
    -> 10% higher than Lightning ( 261,137,574 )
    -> 2% higher than Squall ( 282,433,060 )
    -> 17% lower than Adam Jensen ( 345,728,425 )
    -> 21% lower than Nalu ( 365,676,755 )
    So... Again, I am surprised. The 250% and even 150% ATK buff really do Shadow Lord a favor and make him a lot better than I expected. His average damage is slightly higher than Squall, though do note that Shadow Lord with this rotation also has a 60% def break that I did not take into account which might increase his slot efficiency. If you never ran any DEF breaks before you'll notice a huge boost in damage, too.
    His burst damage on turn 5 is incredibly high and currently only outperformed by a Nalu LB with Squall's STMR.

    Assuming 150% / 250% ATK buff
    ATK post 150% buff: 2364
    ATK post 250% buff: 2631

    Turn 1: [Blood Weapon] = 0
    Turn 2: 2631^2 x 1.3 x 8.5 x 4 x 1.5 = 458,939,274
    Turn 3: 2364^2 x 1.3 x 8.2 x 4 x 2 = 476,586,938
    Turn 4: [Blood Weapon] = 0

    And then...
    Turn 5: 2631^2 x 1.3 x 19 x 4 x 2 = 1,367,819,013

    -> 215% higher than Dark Knight Cecil ( 433,325,022 )
    -> 94% higher than Viktor CD Move ( 706,730,062 )
    -> 29% higher than Adam Jensen ( 1,059,762,184 )
    -> 21% higher than Olive LB + 75% Imperil ( 1,122,082,598 )
    -> 4% lower than Olive LB + 150% ATK buff + 100% Imperil ( 1,422,350,800 )
    Again, Shadow Lord's burst damage is really high and is able to outdamage most finishers. Only Adam with TDH FD and Bomb Arbs + a similar setup turn count as well as Olive with all of her possible setups that you can get until Turn 5 outdamage him. But even Olive only does by 4% with full setup, so you can say that Shadow Lord definitely has some potential even though other's is higher.
    Good finisher.

    Trust Master Reward:

    If you have any sword users other than Shadow Lord I'd definitely farm this one as it basically grants you 60% ATK with swords + helmets. Maybe that newly enhanced Onion Knight might like that TMR?
    Other than that there aren't too many sword users currently. Lightning can easily reach 300% ATK already, same goes for Orlandeau. Though if you can't get them up there this TMR will help you out a lot most likely.
    And obviously for the Shadow Lord himself.

    Super Trust Master Reward:

    Sagasinger is an interesting STMR. This might even go on your support unit / tank. It grants 160 ATK and 20% HP/MP. Swords with IW enhancements will be able to get to 42% HP, so you can get it up to a total of 62% HP potentially.
    The best user for this sword will likely be Loren since it still grants a lot of ATK as well as 20% HP/MP, which definitely are support stats. Chances are your IW weapons are already better than it regarding tank stats for your unit like Wilhelm.
    However, this STMR isn't high priority. Its ATK stat is already outperformed by Omega Sword.

    Shadow Lord
    is a lot better than most people think of him.
    But he's definitely not the best, that is right.
    Shadow Lord suffers from his average damage. His potential currently is insane, his Turn 5 for either chaining or finishing is just massive. Without STMRs he has the strongest burst chaining damage and his finisher damage is bonkers, too, on turn 5. Though he gets outperformed at that compared to Adam and Olive.
    His future will have the same flaws unless his enhancements add a lot to his kit. His burst damage will always be really good and more than serviceable to clear trials. A 1400% chaining modifier with a 250% self ATK buff and the ability to imperil dark by 100% + having a 60% DEF break makes him a DPS unit who can set himself up entirely without any external support, which might open up interesting unit slots.
    Generally said though being reliant on burst damage means your average turns will slow you down. And they do, his CD move deals no damage and his other abilities deal decent off turn damage. Making him a lot less appealing as a chainer. This is his main drawback.
    Which is why you shouldn't go for him unless you really like him. Maybe his JP enhancements will be really good?
    Shadow Lord is not a meta changing unit and will rank at #3/4 as chainer and #3 as finisher. Still in the top tier for now.

    Shadow Lorde, sing me a song.

    Character Design: 7.5/10
    Sprite: 10/10
    Chainer: 8.5/10
    Finisher: 9/10
    Trust Master Reward: 8.5/10
    STMR: 8/10
    Arena: 6.5/10
    Limit Burst: 7.5/10
    Future Proof: 5/10
    Free 2 Play: 9/10
    Pay 2 Play: 8/10
    Personal Rating: 7.5/10 (11/10 if I was biased, I love Dark Knights)
    Optimal Rating: 8.5/10

    [On-Banner Reviews]
    [​IMG]Livid Shantotto (5*)

    Shadow Lord, I fucking love your sprite and I really like your in-game theme. I'd love to get and use you but I can't justify going for two of him.
    Gofundme.pleasegetmeshadowlord (joke)

    Wanna support me?
    I put a lot of effort into it!
    Everything helps

    My Patreon

    Memel0rd out
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  2. Bartleby

    Bartleby Ascended Member Supporter

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    Dec 23, 2016
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    7 Star: Hyoh, Christine, Kryla...
    NICE. Thanks, @Meme
  3. Ibad

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    Sep 24, 2017
    Global ID:
    Nice review Meme
  4. Synsilliusarian

    Synsilliusarian Ascended Member Supporter

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    Oct 9, 2017
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    Japan ID:
    Hmm.. to be honest I'm not that big on T-shaped swords... [​IMG]
  5. Tanatos

    Tanatos Guest

    I loved the reference of Lorde lol. Good job Meme.
    I got one SL bonus unit only.
    He will be a Liability after the km ::joy::
  6. Randkin

    Randkin Ascended Member

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    Dec 12, 2017
    Global ID:
    Sophia, Fayt
    Not cool enough for a Vana'diel villain. TDH but no W-Ability. RIP, Shadow L0rd.

    (Fight me)
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2018
  7. Karn

    Karn Ascended Member Supporter

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    Dec 2, 2016
    Onion Knight, Bonus
    Ugh. Went for Shantotto and drew this guy instead. I only got 1 of him so he's stuck as a sucky 6*. So far, I'm not feeling this new 7* era.
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  8. Alucardsoma

    Alucardsoma Ascended Member

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    Sep 5, 2017
    Thanks for the review!
  9. Taka

    Taka Ascended Member Santa Supporter Supporter

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    Dec 12, 2017
    Huh, first review I've seen that doesn't call him complete garbage. Interesting. Maybe I can find a use for him when he spooks me on a different pull.

    Went in 100% on Deus Ex though, so I won't be pulling on the next few banners. Still didn't get my 7 star Adam :(
  10. PhaseShifter

    PhaseShifter "Hall of Fame" Member

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    Jul 14, 2017
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    362 169 161
    LOREN for chains and breaks ATK 1720
    Neat. Probably won't get him though.
  11. Talien

    Talien Element resistl0rd VIP Supporter

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    Feb 13, 2017
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    120/140 all resist Basch
    His 6* and 7* sprites look like he has Tribbles crawling on him.
  12. Resnesky

    Resnesky Ascended Member Supporter

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    Mar 23, 2017
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    Nalu, Lilith, Malphie, Barbie, TT
    Thanks for the review meme, the tickets haven't been kind for me.
    Even if I don't want him much, I do like the 100% bonus he brings ;)
  13. Prospekt

    Prospekt Ascended Member

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    Nov 25, 2016
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    Sora, Elly
    Got him from 4* tik, and don't even plan to have him.
    Now I get an itchy to try get another of him.
  14. Lyonell

    Lyonell Ascended Member

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    Jan 28, 2018
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    7 Hyoh, Trance Terra
    I got 2 of him from the tickets I got from clearing the new deus boss...now I'm itching to make him into a 7* and use him as a finisher for now.

    Great review.
  15. god.nomad

    god.nomad Ascended Member

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    Mar 27, 2018
    Thx for review.
    Got him with my very first tic hoping for Kupipi.
    I would rather have Shanty on LSD but well, it is as it is.

    Maxed him, equipped and tried at the km event.
    As 6*, i really dont know what to do with him or how to use.
    Feels like a toilet accident.

    Right after event permabench for all eternity and explo slave.
    I would rather pick Agrias any time in the party.
    Despite quite good equip, he didnt broke through 1k atk.
    (Buster style, doublehand, o-knight sword, mom chocobo +18 atk helm, atk mail, nice tmr atk boost abilities, omega acc...)

    For me, very disappointing first impression but happy to have 100% bonus.
  16. GrimmXv9

    GrimmXv9 "Hall of Fame" Member

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    Jun 3, 2017
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    I got what ya need
    Meanwhile, 2 weeks ago at Gumi headquarters,

    Developer 1(D1): Hey X! Im working on Shadow Lord's 7* Sprite. What's the fastest, laziest, cheesiest thing I could do?
    Developer 2(D2): Hot date?
    D1: No
    D2: Movies & Ramen?
    D1: Ewww, No!
    D2: What then?!
    D1: I want to get to my HopScotch tournament early.
    D2: Laser feet
    D1: Laser feet?
    D2: Trust me. No one will care in a month.


    PS - I thought about adding Sea Lab pic for laughs, but that seemed like more effort than Gumi put into his 7* Sprite.
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  17. knowhere

    knowhere Well-Known Member

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    Aug 26, 2018
    Global ID:
    hey Meme...I just had to tell you this, even though I know that you read it often. Your reviews are spectacular, they are my main source of information on all of the various units, and are part of the reason that I am so into this game. Keep doing what you're doing, it's absolutely appreciated. Thanks dude
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  18. god.nomad

    god.nomad Ascended Member

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    Mar 27, 2018
    My shitty view of Shadowlord gone even shittier and here is a reason to puke even more over Sl.
    His best moves not only deal shitty dmg, they not only cost hp to use but tons of mp.
    I remember somehow that hp sacrifice moves cost zero mp.
    The unit is even worse than utter useless garbage on the bottom of the shoe.
    I dont see any usage for him at 6* at all.
    I had Shanty lvl 100 as fu and she dealt way more dmg than two of my Sl.
    I changed him to DW since he looks more useful that way but still crap unit.
  19. Prospekt

    Prospekt Ascended Member

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    Nov 25, 2016
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    Sora, Elly
    At least he can carry your team of Kupipi through ELT level, if we properly equip the team to support him ::sarcasm::
    I am giving my team of Kupipi Rikku purse, Apollo Guitar, Pod ... to help buff him, break enemy and chain, so that he can show his full potential.
    He now can one-hit the ELT boss with his full leveled LB.
    god.nomad likes this.
  20. Fayleen

    Fayleen I'm done VIP Supporter

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    Mar 12, 2018
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    Esther my babe
    Shadow lord seem great finisher to have when fully level 7*.
    Hopefully i'll get him as off banner pulls in the future.

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